My Sisters Turn 26!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can you believe they are twins? My sisters turned 26 two weeks ago and asked me to do a photoshoot as a present. Its still hard for me to believe they are all grown up. I have to look twice when they walk in a room and I see what they are wearing!?? My first thought is usually, "Hey...who do you think you are. A grown woman?" Anyways, I don't say it enough so I will say it here. I love you Twins! Kristen - your new hairstyle is FIRE.


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Nicole said...

Simply Beautiful!

Darcita said...

Beautiful Fam! Twins look great! Good job big brother!

Randy said...

Great shots Ross!

Simi said...

Awww they are gorgeous! Such a comment from a brother. Love the photos too Ross. Happy Belated Birthday to the twins.

Mary(Adeeba) said...

Your sisters are absolutely gorgeous.

...and I really like the portrait style, the DOF, I really am working to create that in my shooting.

Happy B'day to them both.

Unknown said...

You ladies look sooo beautiful!!!