Technology Update - KNIGHT + iPad + iPhone + iTouch

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Website Functionality:

To support the growing number of customers and prospects using their iPhone, iPad and iTouch to find services, our wedding website ( is now compatible for viewing on Apple's range of mobile devices. This update supports finger swipe, rotation and bookmarks. Our mobile site will look and behave like what many of us have come to understand as 'the iPhone experience'.

iPhone App (Image Proofing):

Thousands of apps have revolutionized our world and now Ross Oscar Knight Photography clients can enjoy the ease of using Apple's mobile devices to access proof galleries. This exciting update allows our customers to proof 'on the go'. A summary of the benefits:
  • Ability to view and share photos through iPhone
  • Secure ordering of prints
  • Automatic updates in real time with your gallery
  • Easy navigation through categories
  • Available on all iPhone and iTouch models including the 3GS


Ross Oscar Knight Photography Destination and Fusion Wedding Photographers



E.Payne said...

Keep it moving Ross! You are truly an inspiration and at the cutting edge. Kudos.

OnidaC said...

Reading the new Deborah Fletcher Mello novel (Promises to a Stallion) and you were the photographer for the wedding in the book. You know you've arrived when you are a character in a romantic novel.


Photo Booth Chick said...

Totally awesome! I am so glad I already have these devices...

Now, I need your eyes and skills to be a female "professional female photographer" in NYC!!

God bless you and the fam!