Beauty in The Face of Destruction by Ross Oscar Knight | SE and NW Haiti

Sunday, August 8, 2010

While I was in Haiti I was documenting a team from the Courageous Church digging the foundation for a new building to house children with disabilities and the elderly. One day at the dig site I noticed a young girl named Anika standing with flowers in her hand that she had just picked. She was staring in my direction and the opportunity to shoot slapped me in the face. The beauty of her skin, the contrast of the yellow flowers, the complimentary color of blue, the juxtaposition of the sand, the delicate curvature of her fingers, the strength of her eyes, the frozen expression on her face, and the sun peeking through the trees (I could go on). This is a true example of God's work at His finest. As I looked through my images today my eyes came to rest on two other photos. All I could think about was "Beauty in The Face of Destruction."


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The image above is a view from my tent one night atop a three-story concrete building at the Mission.

U.N. troops riding through an unpaved road in Port au Prince.



Hope said...

You are such a tease... come on... where's the rest!!! Looking through your lens is a far cry from the news portrayals of the situation... thank you.

Kim said...

All I can say is "Wow"!! That first photo is especially gorgeous.

Darcita said...

AMEN! Keep pressing on !

Simi said...

Great images here Ross, you are the documentary photographer on these. Thanks for sharing what you see.

Anonymous said...

Your perception, your vision, your God Given talent as a photographer is most impressive to say the least. There are not words to describe your gift. Keep on keeping on.