The Reality of Now by Ross Oscar Knight

Friday, September 3, 2010

2 more workshops

6 more weddings

13 more contracts

16 more flights

118 more days

Turn the clocks back...its 2011 and time to start again.

Baring my soul has connected me to my audience (you) for years and your prayers have kept me uplifted. Photography is the vehicle for my ministry.

This year has probably been the busiest and at the same time the most fulfilling of my professional career. My life is filled with time constraints and deadlines but living my dream is so rewarding. A natural high. I get light-headed just thinking about it. If I don't seize the moment now then when? Whose future may depend on my next move?

God's promise is to not place more on us than we can bear. I believe that whole-heartedly without a doubt. A few weeks ago I injured my back and I am still taking the recovery easy. This year I took on 30+ weddings when I usually average 17. I'm feeling the effects. With the opening of the gallery and our re-branding efforts I had to make sure we had enough revenue to carry us through the winter.

The reality of now is that I am not superman but a mere mortal doing God's work for as long as he will allow. My plan is not the plan that really matters, it is His plan for my life. I will continue to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling as Paul explains in the book of Philippians. Paul explored his own life and quest for wisdom beyond his natural understanding. He sought to please God and not man.

After praying this morning I thought about many of you that visit my blog and that I communicate with through Facebook and other social media. I felt moved to type this blog and to say: Since tomorrow is not promised to us, don't wait to say or do what you are moved to do today. Years from now we could be more disappointed by what we did not choose to conquer versus what we have already accomplished.


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Dr. Rhonda said...

Ross, thank you for sharing your ministry with us! I wish I could attend the gallery opening but I am not scheduled to be in Atlanta until October (Homecoming weekend - yay!). Be well and keep up the great work! Blessings,
Rhonda Waller

Darcita said...

amen... amen... second calling maybe?? PREACHA!!!

sis from north

Juan Roberts said...

Ross, while we have never met, I feel the connection. I pray God's richness on your life and understanding.

As you journey through your creativity, may your treasure reveal itself even more to be that which God has called you to do.

Creating images, capturing imaginations, connecting people, expressing compassion and genuinely wanting to serve ... you are blessed beyond measure my brotha.

I pray your strength in the Lord,



Troy said...


Troy said...


Simi said...

Your ministry has most definitely been an encouragement to me. Thanks for the reminder to attempt things that seem huge. I hope you keep improving! I am looking forward to what the Lord wants to do!

E.Payne said...

As you know people are typically thanking me for the things that I write. But I thank you for your words today. They are absolutely profound and make me want to read (reread?) Philippians. What an inspired testimony. You will never know how many seeds you've planted in the lives of others with this simple, but completely concrete post.

Deewonda said...

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Major changes took place in my life over the past year when I had to make the decision to place my mom into a nursing home for Alzheimers. I had family and friends to help guide me, but at the end of the day, it was in Jesus' precious arms that held me as I cried. Today, mama's adjusting nicely and celebrated her 89th birthday. I am blessed to have her still with me, blessed by what God has revealed to me about inner strength and faith, and I am blessed to know you through your words, your work, your passion, and your friendship. Ashe, Ross. Ashe.

KLOE YORK said...


You're another example of how one man's obedience to God can move other's to act in the same way. I'm glad that I made the choice to read an email sent to me by two different people back in 2007 about what may be the world's best photographic engagement display, "Remember the Ritz"... I still cry when I view it. Since then, you have undoubtedly been one of the human catalysts of change and progression in my life and not just with photography.

To sum it all up... Thank you.

David N. Beasley Jr. said...

Well said Ross and I believe in you and the purpose (ministry) God has placed in your path. Stay encouraged, strong and faithful!!!


Randi said...

So very well said. It's never what WE want, but how God chooses to USE us as servants in his kingdom. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this post! Not only are you an inspiration, but a man seeking Gods work! You are so blessed to beable to do all the things that you love and to let God lead every step of the way is always fulfilling. Thanks Again for being so inspiring!! God has much more in store for you & Brandi!! COngratulations!!!!

Rising Phoenix said...

Ross, your post brought me to tears because it enforced my intuition of "just jumping right in.." ANYTHING that I want to because I believe that I AM because GOD IS. Your works, photography and words are a blessing in my life and to God be the Glory for you. God bless you and Brandi..Bauer too and your entire family!

1i_Studios said...


Thank you for your ministry and your blog. I look forward to reading what you have to say and I love looking at your beautiful truly inspire me! May God continue to bless the gift with which he has blessed you.

Anonymous said...

i'm always excitedly compelled to come back. your words, your photographs, your references to what matters in life, your belief in our provider, and the gratefulness you convey are magnetic and move many to move in accordance with HIS will. keep rokin' - you make a difference ross. wishing HIS continued favor on you and the loved ones you hold near and dear.

:0 )

Gerald F. said...

In less than 8 hours, I will load up my car and head west on I-20 in preparation to film a wedding. I have no idea why I have such an interest in telling these stories through this medium called video. But, I ask the Lord to continue to order my steps and pour down his blessings. Ross, you have been an inspiration to many (including me) and your work continues to inspire us all. As brothers in Christ, we will always be unsure of what tomorrow holds, yet we must continue to move forward with what our heart tells us today. Thanks for your dedication!

Kustom Kreations by Elisha Akram said...

Thank you for continuing to inspire myself and others. When I read your blog its like a ray of sunshine coming through the window. I'm so Inspired by you and I look forward to meeting you at the gallery opening and I'm even more excited that I am going to be attending your workshop this October! To God be the Glory! Thank you brother for all you do and are doing! Much continued success in all you do! God Bless!

Short Coils said...

I love that picture of introspection you have going on. I really needed to hear that today. Thanks!

Sandra said...

Thank you so much for the invitation. However, I will be unable to attend. May God continue to bless you in the will He has for you life.
Love you,

SBrownART said...

Well said Mr. Knight! Wishing you blessings, and God's covering always!

The gallery opening is the beginning of a new chapter!


Unknown said...

Just beautiful and simple. Love it

Oliphant said...

Thanks Knight!!! I needed that...feel better...

~ O

Kim said...

May God continue to bless you so that you can keep on blessing us!