Fall Engagement Session in Georgetown by Ross Oscar Knight

Monday, November 1, 2010

Last week I flew up to DC for an engagement session with Norman and Reisha. Norman and I met back in 2007 as he was a groomsmen at a wedding I shot for his college friend in Atlanta. Coincidentally, we met again last year when I photographed his roommate's proposal in Maryland.

We decided to hang out in Georgetown (where the couple first met) for the shoot. I warned Norman and Reisha that as soon as I pulled out my camera people would randomly start speaking to them and congratulating them on whatever they thought was happening. And I was right!

What I learned during the shoot:

Reisha has a contagious smile and warm spirit while Norman is totally Mr. Cool.
Reisha is the Dance Queen while Norman is totally Mr. Cool.
Reisha thought Norman was too young when she first saw him and Norman totally played it Mr. Cool.

I could go on but I will stop here before I get a call from Reisha!!

I have to give this couple the bravery award as they trusted me to have them climb into doorways, walk through crowds of people crossing the street, and close their eyes for minutes in secluded alleys. Most of all, I asked them to trust me to capture their true personalities which I feel totally happened. I'm looking forward to being the photographer at their wedding next year in New Jersey.


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love it!

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They trusted you because of the magic in your eye! Great stuff and cool back story.

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