2011 Goals + Keeping Me Honoest - 4th Quarter Check Up

Thursday, February 10, 2011

In 2008 I did a post titled, "Still The Same Source of My Success." At my workshops I stress the importance of setting goals and actually achieving them. Without the stretch goals and business plan that I put together 8 years ago, my goal of leaving Corporate America to become a full-time photographer would have never been actualized.

So to keep me honest, I continue to keep up with some of my goals (quarterly) publicly as they happen. Thanks for keeping honest last year!

2010 Results

Pray (Every Day!)
More Time w/ Family (Done - I shot no weddings in Nov or Dec!!)
Time Management (??)
Open My Own Art Gallery (Done - Sept. 24th)
Hire/Train New Studio Mngr. (Done)
1 Mission Trip (Done)
3 New Workshops (3 Done)
5 New Publications (6 Done)
3 New Articles (3 Done)
1 New Sponsorship (Done)
iphone/iPad Website (Done)
Update SEO (Done)
Home Office Organization (??)
New Business Card (Done)
Re-design logo (Done)
Work with Business Coach (Done)
Meet 2 Magazine Publishers/Editors (Done)
Purchase Inspiration Piece (Judy)
3 New Countries (Only 2)
Lose 15 lbs (Lost 20)
Start Bootcamp (Completed 8)
Volleyball/Swimming (Done)
Start 1 New Book (Done)
Sell 2 Homes (1 Done)
6 Min Mile (6:30 in July)
Bike Around Manhattan (Done)
Shoot w/ 1 other Professional Photographer (2 Done)
Attend 1 Workshop (Done)
Take a Real Vacation!!!!!!!! (planned - for 2011)


New 2011 Goals

Pray (Every Day!)
Volunteer at My Church
Time Management
Send Haiti Exhibit to New York and LA
Participate in 3 Art Festivals
1 Mission Trip (July/August)
3 New Workshops (1 Done)
5 New Publications/Articles (2 Done)
1 New Sponsorship
Launch New Website
Home Office Organization
Update Wedding/Lifestyle Packages
Work with Business Coach
Increase Corporate Contracts to 15% Revenue
Lower General Expenses and Ad Cost by 14%
Meet 3 Magazine or Social Media Publishers/Editors
Visit 2 New Countries
Lower Body Fat by 3%
Yoga 2 Times per Week
Continue Working on Book
Sell House
6 Min Mile
Shoot w/ 1 other Professional Photographer
Attend 1 Workshop
Take 2 Vacations | non-job related

2011 Atlanta Photographer Rally by KNIGHT

Some of you may be thinking that this entry is written to brag. Not really. It's actually written to brag about where my blessings come from. Up ABOVE! I'm nothing without the vision and mission given to me every day and at every photo shoot by my spiritual guidance. I do not take lightly being able to wake up every day of my life with the realization that I am living my dream. I have found my purpose in life. I am doing exactly what I was created to do. It is not Photography. It is to give praise through my gifts and talents.

Feel free to share some of your goals and we will keep each other honest


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1i_Studios said...

Your post today is an encouragement to me. I break into a cold sweat just thinking about writing goals, but what you have done is so very simple. I don't need to write out extravagant, lengthy goals...just simple statements in as few words as possible. Thanks, again, Ross...when I write mine, I will share.


Darcita said...

I will post ..one day:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks you ROK for your inspiration and encouragement on writing my goals! Like Pamela I thought that I needed to write down lengthy and extravagant goals.

Great job on accomplishing your 2010 goals:)

I am excited about writing my goals down and holding myself honest!

Thank you, Thank you, thank you!

Short Coils said...

I can definetly say that you have taught me a lesson in self-accountability. Three out of my six goals I completed. One I will begin in 2011. The other two I found that my motives and desires were not in the right place. So here is my list from July 2010.

• Masters Degree (Complete)
• Enjoy Life More (Complete)
• Begin a Blog About A Subject I Like and Stick to it (NappyStyle.com)
• Business (Pursued this for all the wrong reasons)
•Publish Article (Not what I really wanted either)
• Write a book (Not Complete but the number one goal this year)

I'll check back in at the end of March 2011 1st Quarter.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I have to say this is a great idea...and one that I will soon be implementing!!! STAT! hee hee. God is definitely using you in marvelous ways...and attending one of your workshops is definitely going on my list!!

Unknown said...

I'm a Photography here in Detroit and I simply Love ur passion and drive.... Reading ur blogs inspire me to stay focused and deliver quality to my clients. I Love seeing expressions of sincerity.. Thanks for helping me stay organized.. I will be attending your workshop one day... Stay Blessed... Carlos