Lemonade Stand at KNIGHT Gallery 3.25.11

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yvonne and I have been feeling the Spring weather so much that we decided to put together a lemonade stand today. In between meetings and shoots all sorts of people stopped by to say hello and get a taste of our creation. Feel free to come by and grab a cup if you are in the area tomorrow (3.25.11).

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Xiomara said...

I LOVE IT! :-)

1i_Studios said...

What a great idea!!!! That lemonade looks so delicious!

Darcita said...

so cute!! send a cup my way!

Mary Lawler Photography said...

ummm (clearing my throat) are u guys working or "chillaxing"?

By the way...I love those Red chairs. Fabulous!

Short Coils said...

Love the picture of the lemonade. Looks like lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

This is freakin awesome. Everything has so much texture and I love those chalk boards. Then there is that one modern element with the lemonade dispenser balancing with the retro chairs and tying everything together so I love it all. Looks like an interior decorator set this stand up. : )

The muse is holding it down back there. She's fierce.