Seeing Not Only Hearing is Believing: A New Brunswick Wedding by Ross Oscar Knight

Monday, May 16, 2011

Between the rehearsal dinner and the reception I heard so many compliments given to this couple that if I hadn't seen them in person I wouldn't believe they even existed. I recall one probable story about the couple racing to take off a shirt (figuratively) first and give it to a friend in need. After this weekend I am certain that Norman and Reisha are two people we could all benefit from being in our lives. They are living examples of compassion and service. More images to come, including a master plan by TEAM Reisha at "The Running of the Brides."

In case you missed their Georgetown E Session: click here

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1i_Studios said...

Love the photograph!!!! What a lovely couple! Looking forward to seeing more!

runa said...

Beautiful photo.Love it!!!