A Bubbly North Carolina Farm Wedding by Ross Oscar Knight: Coming Soon

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kris and Tania @ McGuire's Millrace Farm

I've gone on auto pilot, even editing in my sleep. I woke up at some point this morning with one hand across my chest and the other on my keyboard. Here's a preview of a wedding I shot in Murphy, North Carolina. Despite the rain we still persevered to get outside and play on the property. Tania wins the award for being the coolest bride under pressure while Kris (my chiropractor) wins the award for giving me the best back adjustments after every three weddings I complete.

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Monica Simone said...

Wow, beautiful Ross!

Unknown said...

Looking good Mr. Ross. Loving that green apple. ~ e

Anonymous said...


Simi said...

Beautifully shot! I agree with Emoney, like the apple ring shot!