Going Out of Business Sale

Friday, June 3, 2011

We're selling nearly 25% of our equipment - the list is a beginner's dream.

After a week-long vacation I have decided to return to Corporate America to support my wife's luxurious lifestyle...ok just kidding about that.

For the last 4 years my business has been close to 75% weddings. I will be making a radical shift in my business direction beginning this Fall. Mainly, I will be focusing more heavily on my philanthropic efforts, teaching, gallery and our corporate business. I will still be shooting weddings but the number of commissions will be reduced by more than half.

With the purchase of the items below you will be supporting the following:

1. Pancreatic Cancer Action Network: New York City Marathon - November 2011
2. Honduras Mission Trip - August 2011
3. Thailand/Cambodia Trip - September 2011
4. India Trip - November 2011

All of the equipment is on a first-come first-paid basis. I will not be able to hold any of the equipment even based on personal relationships. To make a purchase or to obtain more information on any of the products please email info@rossoscarknight.com.


MacBook Pro 17" 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
Memory: 3GB 667 MHz
MAC OSX Version 10.4.11 Tiger
*** With brand new battery and 250 GB hard drive
Price: $1200 + 3% Paypal + Shipping

Mac 23"LCD Cinema Display
Original Box
Price: $500 + 3% Paypal + Shipping

Canon 5D Mark I (Currently at Canon being cleaned)
Battery Grip (BGE4) + 3 Batteries
Original Box
Price: $1300 + 3% Paypal + Shipping

Canon 50 mm f1.4 Lens + Filter + Hood
Price: $265 + 3% Paypal + Shipping

Canon 50 mm f1.4 Lens
(Currently at Canon getting auto focus tuned)
Price: $210 + 3% Paypal + Shipping

Canon EF 70-200 mm f2.8L IS Telephoto Zoom Lens + Hood + Filter
Price: $1550 + 3% Paypal + Shipping

Canon EF 70-200 mm f2.8L IS Telephoto Zoom Lens + Hood
Price: $1500 + 3% Paypal + Shipping
Canon Speedlight 580 EX I (2 Available - price is per flash)
Velcro attached for modifiers
Price: $350 + 3% Paypal + Shipping

Canon ZR950 Mini DV Camcorder
Price: $300 + 3% Paypal + Shipping
Sony Cybershot DSCW120 7.2 MP Digital Camera
Price: $100 + 3% Paypal + Shipping
Bridal Show Booth (Background Stands, carpet, 2 Chairs - no covers or pillow, lamp w/ black shade, 2 black side tables)
More Photos: Click Here
Price: $450 (Pick up from Atlanta Studio - No Delivery)

Coming up for Sale Next Week:
1. Apple iPhone 4
2. Apple iTouch
3. Camera Bags



Anonymous said...

ross! HIS blessings are so good, so bountiful! keep it movin' & don't stop - HE's got you covered! you're so favored, I'm feelin' it & i'm like omg!

:o )

Liana said...

Congrats Ross! No need for equipment here or I'd for-sure take you up on some of that - a great deal!

Let us know if you need any pointers/connections on the Cambodia/Thailand trip - Cambodia was the highlight when we went to SE Asia last year LOVE it and we had a wonderful tuk tuk driver hired for our whole trip :)

Esther JuLee said...

still trying to convince the hubby so we can go on the thailand trip! let us know when you're buying tickets.

Ronni said...


1i_Studios said...

Ross I am VERY INTERESTED in the Canon 50 mm f1.4 Lens + Filter + Hood
Price: $265 + 3% Paypal + Shipping. How do I get it???

KNIGHT said...

I just updated the post with the list of items that are SOLD!!!

Tanjanica said...

This is some great stuff. I hope you don't mind, I tweeted your blog link to my followers. =)

Tammi said...

Since I don't see a Wedding engagement on my horizon any time soon & was hoping & praying you would do it, I am stressed BUT!!!!! God bless your vision and obedience. I know that this move will bring you even further to what HE has for you & your family! God bless you!!!!!

Unknown said...

If you ever decide to sell those pillows on the white chairs, PLEASE let me know; I've been loving them ever since I saw the picure you took of them and searched target high and low for them, but alas, they're not there anymore!
I'm with Tammi and wish nothing but the best for you; Still waiting patiently for God to bless me with spouse and still in prayer that you will be available to do the pictures. My God continue to bless you in your new endeavors!

Simi said...

Wow! God's blessings on doing what He leads you to do! I will tweet it out to my followers.