Love in the Big Easy by Ross Oscar Knight

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Josh and Cody @ St. Patrick's Church and The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans 

I feel like Cody and I were destined to meet since we have continually bumped into one another around town. We've met at the vet's office, bootcamp, and even yoga. Last Summer I took a team of photographers to New Orleans to shoot her three days of wedding festivities. Robyn Spizman of A Legendary Event did a write up on the wedding below.

On July 29, 2011, A Legendary Event created an award-winning spectacular floral fantasy for a Cajun meets shabby-chic wedding at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans! They orchestrated a symphony of flowers and the ambiance was unexpected, romantic and illuminated with glamour while preserving a hint of the antique style of the past. "Love in the Big Easy" was the ideal theme for a spectacular floral design that majestically embraced the ornate St. Patrick's Church and the Astoria Ballroom at the historic Roosevelt Hotel. With 270 guests in attendance, the flowers were the centerpiece of the bride's attention as she wanted personal flowers and a trend-setting bouquet, integrating cotton and heirloom jewelry. The floral decor included a jaw-dropping bottle tree of magnolia branches at the reception meant to ward away spirits.

The color scheme was ivory and peach with twine wrapped boutonnieres and vintage-inspired centerpiece containers. The wedding ceremony began with a grand royal style procession at the national landmark, St. Patrick;s Church, which was constructed in 1840 and is a beloved 19th century gem of New Orleans. It stands proudly as a religious institution embracing a city of the old, the new, and the renewed. The church was so gorgeous that all of the personal flowers had to be even more dramatic, romantic, and stunning than the venue itself, while complementing the intricately ornate structure which presented an exciting opportunity due to its towering height and monumental architecture.

After the service, energized jazz from a colorful and engaging front line band led the guests through the massive front doors to their transportation and the procession to the hotel. Music and video screens with the couple's engagement photograph portfolio set the stage for the second act, leaving guests swept off their feet.

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Ross! These photos make my heart sing!

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Absolutely Beautiful!!!

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OMGOSH!!! FANTASTIC photos, Ross!!!! Looks like fun was had by all. (including YOU)

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Beautiful set, Ross!!!

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Lovely work here Ross as always great captures that really tell the story without words!

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