The Papa To Be a Little Wiser at Thirty Three

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1500+ birthday wishes later and I feel pretty amazing. April 30th was a good day. Yesterday I spent time alone doing what I used to do before I was a professional photographer. I drove around the city and just stopped anywhere I thought was interesting. I made new acquaintances and used my camera to document my every move. Before I told other people's stories, I used to document my own. I read a magazine and then took a nap on a park bench. I bought a stranger lunch and I gave a salesperson a tip without buying anything from the store. I went to get fresh squeezed juice and realized I was down to my last $12. I attempted to live a day without questions.

This upcoming year I plan to remove my sunglasses and see life through a pair of spectacles. I'm fine tuning my family's future path according to God's will for us. I hope that you are as inspired as I am to make 2012 the best and walk into your destiny.

Thank you all for the thoughtful emails, posts, and calls. Most of all I want to thank God for another year of blessings, my wife for giving me two super cool days of surprises, and my immediate family for always being there for me when I need them.



Simi said...

Happy Birthday Ross, glad you had fun! What a great idea for the way to spend your birthday!

Clovice said...

Hey Ross,
Happy belated birthday!!!
May God continue to shower you with His blessings!
Be well my friend!!!!


Darcita said...

Have a blessed year!

Mary Lawler Photography said...

Oh my goodness Ross, I cannot express how inspiring YOUR journey has been for me too!
Every time you write about the "goodness" that has bestowed upon you and how you recognize that you are growing [in the righ direction], it is food for my thoughts.

This is your year, be blessed in it!