KNIGHT Welcomes Tara Nicole as Our New Studio Manager

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Once you write the vision and make it plain it is just as important to surround yourself with people that can bring that plan into fruition. Please help me in welcoming Tara Nicole as our new studio manager! Tara attended my photography workshop in 2010 and recently moved to Atlanta from New York. Our paths crossing at the right time was completely serendipitous. Some of you have already met Tara or at least have spoken to her on the phone. We're kindred spirits and enjoy singing around the studio and finding unique locations to shoot. Last week I took a break to capture some of her personality! There is no way I could describe all of the awesomeness she is in a post so feel free to give her a shout at the studio to say hello.

Side note: To protect the innocent we have video of how that shopping cart ended up on top of my its inside the studio! 



Kimberly said...

Love her funky/quirky style! I bet you guys have a blast every day at work.

Unknown said...

It's such a blessing to work here! Ross, thanks so much for these awesome shots!

Thallen B said...

Tara's a great lady! Congrats!!!

KLOE YORK said...

Love the photos. Congrats Tara!