Tattooed by Love A Wedding Story by Ross Oscar Knight

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Many of us search for our perfect match while others have a serendipitous moment with the person of our dreams. We fall in love and if the universe aligns then we are together forever.

I remember the first time Kristie and Tre' walked into my studio. Their energy was vibrant. Kristie's smile and Tre's style is what was most attractive to me. When I held out my hand to shake Kristie's, she gave me a hug instead. I thought to myself, "This is going to be a great meeting." As I learned more about the details of their relationship I surmised that this couple marches to their own beat. They met at a party during one of those serendipitous moments I described earlier and their friends could not find either of them for the rest of the night...!

After I noted all of the juicy details we switched gears to event planning. The wedding/party they were envisioning was not going to be traditional.

1. The location of the wedding would be an art gallery.
2. There would be no bridal party.
3. They wanted to escort one another down the aisle.
4. They were writing their own vows.
5. No rings would be exchanged. They were getting matching tattoos to symbolize their bond.
6. No formal dinner. They wanted a party atmosphere with guests mingling.
7. My favorite - A first glance before the ceremony that could last up to two hours.

The list goes on. I think this couple could give a workshop on "How Not to Stress About Your Wedding Day and Do Exactly What You Want!"

Before the two left my studio, I heard three of the most important words that I typically feel rather than have verbalized to me, "We trust you." With that said, I needed nothing else, we were set to go!

On the wedding day I started off photographing Tre' at his home. I was impressed to see his custom made suit by designer Waraire Boswell and his red bottom Louboutin matching lace ups (a gift from Kristie) and Louis Strass flats. He took a moment to review his vows after getting dressed. I then headed over to the Four Seasons (one of my favorites and currently in the process of re-design!) where Kristie was finalizing her makeup and details. Her dress was stunning but certainly didn't overshadow her range of emotions or how totally in-shape she was. I remarked about her neckline and arms and she accepted the compliment with a smirk. The dripping orchids bouquet perfected by A Legendary Event (also reception designers and coordinators for the wedding) added to the total vision Kristie had for the evening.

Tre' joined us at the Four Seasons for a first glance (overlooking Midtown) befitting of the occasion and Kristie helped him to tie a different bow tie. I overheard they had practiced this moment. It was cute to see Kristie proceed to briefly cut off Tre's air supply (LOL) but he wanted the knot tight and together they got it right! There was no shortage of attention once we all jumped on the elevator. The hotel guests on the way to the lobby remarked on how beautiful the couple looked. I thought we were close to having autographs signed but I whisked them into my car so we could drive to a secret location they knew nothing about.

I could tell you more about the meaning of their tattoos, the horse carriage ride, the entrance, the heartfelt speeches, the cupcake tower, the outfit change (she rocked that dress), the first dance, the spectacular dj, the dance off, and the grandma that said, "I started this all!" But then what would I leave for all of the blogs and magazines that will surely want to interview this couple and publish their wedding time and time again. I'll wait until then.



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Deewonda said...

Again your stunning work and spiritual sensitivity leave me breathless and in tears of the beauty you've captured through the lens!

Deewonda said...

Again your stunning work and spiritual sensitivity leave me breathless and in tears of the beauty you've captured through the lens!

Bridgette said...

Absolutely stunning!

Symbre said...

FYYYYRRREEE! Beautiful, stunning, charismatic, awesome, OVAH_da_TOP! UNiQUE and simply cute. I pray their marriage vibrance matches their COLORS all the days of their lives together! No slideshow?

Felecia said...

This is a beautiful couple and I love that they did things THEIR way! Just as my beau and I intend to. Kristie is stunning in both gowns. LOVE IT!