A Love Like This by Ross Oscar Knight

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christopher and Myra @ Southern Oaks in New Orleans

As soon as I saw these stairs the day before the wedding I knew I had to shoot this image. Before the couple departed the reception, I snuck up 2 flights of the stairs and had my team to lure the couple (unknowingly) into position. Perfect! As I was editing tonight I felt that converting the photo to black and white gave it a classic feel. Your thoughts?



Anonymous said...

A love like this
Spirals into one and allows us to sway into a song that only we can hear
It envelops us like a winding path that takes us to a destination of forever
There is nothing around us except the sweet sound of love and we are caught up
In the rapture of truth love and hope
That this moment is ours eternally and no one can penetrate our wall of sound
our private dance of love
Each step -Each breath- Each embrace
Is ours
A love like this

Thanks for the inspiration
Be blessed.

Denise said...

Love the idea of unsuspectingly capturing the couple. I'm sure they'll love the photo even more! Thanks for continuing such a great blog. Your work is inspiring!