Carter Turns One - The Couple Celebrates Five

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Am I still photographing people in the U.S. or just blindly traveling around the world? I will have to admit that with the birth of Addison and my fine art/philanthropic push, I have been a little absent. I've been shooting, just not posting on anything other than the blue eyes I see staring back at me in the morning. Major priority shift! Last night I figured that I should get back on track and pull from my recent assignments.

Chris and Valerie will celebrate five years of marriage this year! Their 2008 New York wedding is one that all of my future brides seem to recall. I was honored when Valerie reached out to me asking if I would photograph their family in Maryland. Carter, the newest addition to the fold, was turning one and she wanted me to capture some special moments of the three of them together. I think ever since having my daughter I have become more sensitive to how I photograph kids and their relationship to their parents. We spent time indoors with Carter's toys and then ventured outside to see how he would the grass. He was all smiles and the parents were too. I'm looking forward to watching this family grow and documenting them for a lifetime!

Tip for beginner photogs: Kids can get testy if you are shooting too long. Its best to find out from their parents what the child's normal routine is. You can then fit your shooting time to when they are most active. Also, keep in mind that children may have allergies to grass or sensitive skin. Get your equipment set up early so that you'll be prepared for the moment.