Motivational Speaker and Author - Assignment for Environmental Lifestyle Headshot Portraits

Friday, February 1, 2013

Chris Cooper and I have known one another for 16 years. Our paths have been somewhat similar. We both attended Morehouse College and Georgia Tech. We both have Engineering degrees. We both worked at NASA and General Motors. We both are members of the same Fraternity. We both completed LEAD Atlanta. But what is really cool is that we both decided to leave corporate America around the same time to, in his words, "Execute Our Passions." He is now a sought after speaker, author and motivational coach. This year he published his second book and is anxious to launch a new website debuting his future projects. Its been almost 6 years since I last photographed him. Recently, he called and asked that I capture the essence of his personality so his viewers would get a sense of his spirit. Here's two images from the 30 degree weather shoot!

Tip for beginner photogs: Chris tends to squint a lot with his eyes (especially when he smiles) so I made sure to photograph his face away from the sun. Instead, to open his eyes a bit more I used a flash in a shoot through umbrella for fill light. The flash is placed such that it accents the natural light present and doesn't announce itself.