A First Glance - Anticipation and Excitement by Ross Oscar Knight

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Antonio and Shenika @ Callonwolde Arts Center, Atlanta

When a couple chooses to do a first glance, they are guaranteed to have a quiet and special moment alone. There is one exception - I'm there to document this time. Sure, first glances are non-traditional but they are becoming more and more popular these days. Many times the families and wedding guests have no clue that the couple elects to see one another before the ceremony.

I'd like to commend Antonio and Shenika. I photographed their wedding a few weeks ago and despite being pressed for time, they stuck to their guns. They wanted to have a first glance and that's exactly what happened. After the fact, I'm sure they wouldn't trade those special moments for the world. While the guests sat patiently at the ceremony site, my team orchestrated the encounter. The look on their faces, priceless.

Ok, so the wheelbarrow pic happened later in the day but I thought I would throw that one in for some fun!!

There is a full post brewing on this wedding. Stay tuned!




Chasity Reed said...

Such a beautiful couple! The wheel barrel pic totally captures their personalities! Love you guys!