What Will Be Your Legacy? A First Time Father's Perspective by Ross Oscar Knight

Sunday, June 16, 2013

What will be your legacy?

About a year and a half ago I sat down with a friend at my studio and he asked me this question. I pondered my answer for what felt like eternity. No one had challenged me quite like this. But was this really a challenge or something we should all be able to answer at the drop of a hat? I can't remember my entire answer right now but I know that I ended with - "Capturing the beauty of emotions and bringing people together across cultural barriers." After my response my friend answered the same question. He remarked, 'I want to be remembered as a loving and responsible husband and father.' I thought, well I do too but is that supposed to be my legacy? Brandi was pregnant at the time and I was scared as hell thinking how am I going to make enough money to take care of my family? How am I supposed to know what to do as a father? I told my friend that I was determined not to let fatherhood change my lifestyle. I told him that I didn't understand why so many people drop off the map and disappear after having a child. After all, at this point in my life I felt that I had lost several friends as a result of them having children. I now chalk this up to my own naivete.

This morning I woke up at 6 AM and decided to ride my bicycle from the east side of Atlanta up to Buckhead. I stopped at several parks along the way to do some calisthenics. All the while I unearthed the question posed to me last year. So much has changed since then. Between jumping jacks I thought - I have a beautiful baby girl Addison, we have a new home, and my wife and I made it to our five year anniversary. I realized how selfish I was before fatherhood. Truly, unconditional love is the opposite of selfishness. Addison has taught me to love again and rediscover the world anew. I am her protector and her example of what she should expect from a man. Men are ordained to fulfill a role in the family and I am learning that new role as the days pass by and by.

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads out there training their children in the way that they should grow!




Unknown said...

Wow man! Very inspiring. Wishing you an amazing and abundant Father's Day! Thanks for sharing.