Thank You for Supporting the 2013 KNIGHT Photo Walk and Five Talents!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Photographers stand together before the walk: 11.9.2013 Washington, D.C.

To say that I was excited and nervous about organizing photographers to walk together and take photos in DC is an understatement. I woke up early on Saturday morning (11.9.13) thinking about what I was going to say when everyone showed up. How many people would come? How much money would we raise for Five Talents? How would I photograph the area?

I did what I know always works, I prayed. It was then that I felt the words enter my heart that described exactly what I wanted us to accomplish and what would hopefully motivate everyone to bond. So there I stood on a bench (shaking a little from the cold 35 degrees) before the photographers and read my charge:

On this Day We Walk

On this day we walk
Because our ancestors had to walk to create change
We walk knowing we are ‘that’ change

On this day we walk
Because we want to help our fellow man
We walk to achieve this plan

On this day we walk
Because we want to build a stronger community
We walk, for uplifting one another is our duty

On this day we walk
Instead of succumbing to anonymity
We walk into our future possibilities

On this day we walk
Because we want to be a group of purpose
We walk to redefine our commitment to service

On this day we walk
Because we want to capture our history
We walk and use our cameras as the oratory

-Ross Oscar Knight

We raised close to $400 for Five Talents and gained new friends. We had photographers and some members of the community to join us along the way. I was so happy I thought my heart would burst. Enjoy some of the photos below and if you are on Instagram or Facebook, then search for the Hashtag #ROKDCPHOTO to see more images.

I want to thank Give & Receive for facilitating our connection to Five Talents. Give & Receive 'connects resources to needs.' Please visit both of our partners to learn how you can help us all redefine philanthropy.

Most of all, I want to thank the brave souls that came out and walked for hours with me to Build Community Through Photography. I love you all!



Simi said...

Wow this is amazing, sad to have missed all the fun!

Trina said...

These are beautiful!! Very inspiring!! Wish I could have been a part of this. Hopefully next time.