My Second Book Cover - Done!

Monday, March 31, 2008

I met Chris as a student at Morehouse College back in 1997. We were both in the engineering program and finished our degrees at Georgia Tech. Now he is a motivational speaker traveling across the country inspiring young people everywhere. We did this shoot last Summer and now his book is out through AMC Publishing.

Congrats Chris, it was a pleasure to work with you and watch your business grow!

Link to my first book cover: click here


Birthday Break

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last weekend we stopped by our friends, Reggie and April's, house for Reggie's birthday celebration. The birthday party was originally a surprise for him until April's due date for delivering their second child ended up as the week after my wedding. Reggie and I met in 2006 during a leadership program in Atlanta. I have always been very impressed with his enthusiasm for life, helping other people, and his ability to sell you on any idea he can think of - trust me.

Here's a few pics.



Insignificant...and an Engineering Masterpiece

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Have you ever felt completely insignificant? After hearing the noise of the slot machines here in Vegas for four straight days, I decided to take a trip out to Hoover Dam. Wow! What most people don't really know about me is that I am a complete nerd disguised as a creative mind. I majored in Electrical Engineering in college and worked for an electric utility company in Atlanta for about 5 years. So on our drive out to Hoover Dam yesterday I was telling everyone in the car the amount of voltage traveling through the transmission lines based on the lattice structures and ceramic insulators along the side of the mountains. I picked out substations, pole types, and explained how dams are used to turn turbines and create electricity. Luckily I had Mrs. KNIGHT (always proud of my rambling) and my friend Jeremy in the car and they were pretty open to letting me go on for a while.

When we reached the dam and I looked over the edge of the bridge for the first time and I was overwhelmed. What an amazing site. I can't believe that this modern marvel (by the way one of my favorite shows on t.v.) was built back in the late 1920s and early 30s. We took the tour of the structure and listened to stories about the building of the dam. That's when I started feeling insignificant. This place is totally huge. The workers that built the dam had only two days off the entire year. And if any worker had to miss work because they were ill, they were simply fired. Imagine that!

Here's a few pictures of our trip out.


Me tired of hearing the the slot machines and Mrs. KNIGHT spending my...excuse me "our" money.

Here's me educating everyone in the car about the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity.

Cost more to get to the dam than to get in!

One foot in Nevada and one foot in Arizona.

I left my sunglasses in Atlanta - and I refuse to buy another pair after the five I already have. I sure needed them here.

Here's the back of the dam. It's cool to see how low the water levels are...the white line on the rocks was where the water used to be. Atlanta is not the only one in a drought.

Jeremy and Brandi totally oblivious to me taking this photo. They were a tad bit mesmerized at the tunnel.

Mrs. KNIGHT using our new small camera.


Fun In Vegas

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Still out in Vegas this week and having a great time at the photography conference. There is so much to learn and there are so many people to meet. I will have to admit, I am a little homesick though.

Here's a few photos of us out in the city with friends.

It pays to be married! We won this camera at the conference after the speaker found out we had only been married a week. I'm still trying to figure out the little thing.


experience KNIGHT Comments

Monday, March 17, 2008

Even though I'm in Vegas, I still have my laptop handy. I'm really excited about my second workshop coming up April 4 - 5th! While I am away from home I am refining a few sections of the material.

One of the workshop attendees from February recently did a blog entry on his experience in the class. Check it out by clicking here: David Beasley Blog on The KNIGHT experience


Office Empty - My Life Becomes Complete

Friday, March 7, 2008

I'll be out of the office for a while because this weekend is the most important weekend of my entire life. What started in Rm. 130 so many years ago will now make my life complete. I met my wife - my spiritual partner - the woman of my dreams. Thanks to all of you that found your way to our registry and others that have sent such kind words. This is a time in my life that I know I will cherish forever. I've got more friends and family in town than a high school reunion!

Signing off now, phones off, email down, blog no more till its done.


Not to worry, the office will be open next week and my assistant can help you with any new inquiries and product requests:


Shawn + Roni - NYC Proposal and the Real Deal

What do I love about my job? Is it the fact that I edit pictures at 2 AM or is it that sometimes I lose sleep because I am dreaming about the next shoot? No really though, the reason why I love my job is because of the beautiful people that I meet and how so many of my clients allow me to be witness to the most intimate moments of their lives.

Here's an example:

Shawn called me one evening last year and told me that it was time for him to pop the most important question of his life to his girlfriend Roni. Since I'm getting pretty good at the interview stuff, after a couple of questions I knew that Shawn was truly ready to pledge his life to Roni forever.

Over the next few months, Shawn and Tempest Bleu (my trusted planners!) brought the plan togehter. I arrived in New York a day early so that we could do a dry run of the proposal. We had more funny moments than one can imagine. For now on when I visit New York, Shawn and I will have a check list:

Wallet - check

Money - check

Keys - check

Parking Space - check

Metro Card - check

Cell Phone - check

Manual on how to walk in New York Subway - double check (inside joke)

Anyways, we made it through the day and made sure that all of our helpers would be in place for the proposal.

The day started at The London NYC where we enlisted the help of Gordon Ramsay's (Hell's Kitchen - Fox TV) Restaurant to enact the plan. Roni thought she was coming to meet a photographer (me) to pick up a few cook books from the restaurant. Little did she know her boss was all in on the plan and convinced Roni to wear decent shoes for the short walk from her office. Shawn had reserved an intimate dining area in Ramsay's place for the actual proposal. As soon as Roni walked into The London NYC, she was pretty puzzled and kept asking for the cook books...even though Shawn was standing right in front of her! It was hilarious!! Trust me.

The upcoming slide show will tell the story much better than I can but I will try my best. Remember, I tell stories with my camera.

So after their lunch Shawn had an entire day planned for he and Roni to visit some of their favorite places around the city. I told Shawn before the day started to act like I was not there and not to worry about me getting the shots - that's why he hired me, right? Well, I think both of them were running (literally) on pure adrenaline. Roni is no stranger to physical challenges since she was part of Road Rules on MTV - Season Five. But I wasn't thinking of running through New York in 20 degree weather! These two took off running into Grand Central Station and I looked like a deranged paparazzi photographer running after them. Another hilarious moment but great fun.

After they recorded their story for the Library of Congress (talk about make it last forever) at StoryCorps, we were off to Toys R Us to ride the Ferris Wheel. Once I took the elevator just at the right moment as the two were reaching the top of the wheel and I snapped a few shots though the clear windows of the elevator shaft. Next we visited the Old Navy Flagship Store where they both worked when it first opened. The day ended with a gathering of family and friends at Billie's Black in Harlem.

I could teach a week long workshop on this one shoot, but most importantly I am so happy for this couple. The look of love is awe inspiring. When these two even catch a glimpse of one another, the love shows.

Congratulations Shawn and Roni. Thank you for allowing me to share my gift with you and I look forward to hearing about the wedding plans that Roni will put together (Shawn, I was witness to that statement!).