Umair + Laika - Day Two (The Colorful Mendhi)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friday night Brandi and I shot Day Two of the wedding - The Colorful Mendhi of Umair and Laika. A Mendhi party/celebration is similar to an American reception in concept.

The evening was a festive affair full of dancing, singing, and fellowship with both family and friends. Special performances were given by the siblings and cousins of the bride and groom. Earlier in the day Laika had mendhi applied to her hands and feet. It was beautifully done and only added to her appearance as she looked like a princess waiting to marry her prince.

Before the end of the night it seemed as if the entire room of guests were on the dance floor. The bride's mother and groom's father had remarkably great rhythm and moves! I'll have to admit that Brandi and I even cut a few dance breaks ourselves as we slid back and forth to get shots of the celebration.

Here's a few images below.



Umair + Laika - Day One (Manyou)

This weekend Brandi and I shot the 3-day wedding festivities of Umair and Laika. Their engagement session was early last month. The wedding was incredibly colorful, eye-catching, emotional, entertaining, and fun. I personally had a phenomenal cultural learning experience as each day progressed.

Day One of the wedding was the Manyou where the bride and groom's friends and relatives sang accompanied by drum music. Henna was applied to many of the females hands to create intricate designs (even Brandi had her hands done!). The bride's family gave gifts of bangles and clothes. The food was absolutely out of this world delicious and I plan on having more soon thanks to Saima (the bride's older sister).

I've only included a few images from the first night because I am working on a slideshow of the three days.




The First Three!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you are enjoying the day spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. We all have so much to be thankful for.

I thank God for my family! This Thanksgiving (Brandi and my 1st together) we are busy shooting.

Time sure does fly when you're growing up. Although I have five sisters and one brother, the elders siblings have a special bond because of course we were the first. Check out these old photos that I dug up from my stash!

I know you all remember dressing up for Easter. And yes, that is me on the left in a sailor outfit!??

My mom always had us coordinating to go to church. Who knew that the blue blazer would become a classic and bow ties would come back to be ultra hip?

In high school there was an article written on us titled "Sibling Rivalry." All I can say is, too many stripes for anyone to concentrate. I get dizzy just looking at this image. This picture was taken during our Tommy Hilfiger multi-color phase.

Last night my two older sisters dropped by the house before taking off for Thanksgiving. Sherrell (pictured below) is pregnant with her first child and my wife Brandi did a session with her. Looks like the Dr. Mrs. continues to improve her skills behind the camera because this shot is HOT!

After Brandi finished shooting, I set my makeshift studio up like a photo booth. I jumped in with my two sisters and we had fun making each other laugh just like old times. Ok, maybe I had the most fun as seen in the last shot!

I guess those annoying little brothers never go away. We just grow up and keep loving ya!