32 on 4.30.11

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I have never felt so loved in my life. Getting so many FB comments, texts, PMs, and phone calls was really unexpected. Thank you. I had a quiet dinner with my wife and two sisters. I received a juicer, a book on juicing and a cupcake. Perfect! I'm flying out in 8 hrs to shoot a marriage proposal. Goodnight!

Running for My Life by Ross Oscar Knight

Thursday, April 28, 2011

It was October 18, 2009. I sat alone on a bed at the Ravel Hotel in Long Island City, NY with the room service food I had just ordered. I stood up, lifted my shirt and looked in the mirror. I was embarrassed at what I saw.

1. I was seriously out of shape

2. I was lacking self confidence

3. I was eating unhealthy every day

I immediately called my wife and told her we needed to make a change. We had to take control of our health.

Just two months earlier I had photographed an 11-hr marriage proposal in Washington, DC. I was disguised as a waiter named Spencer. During the shoot I was huffing and puffing climbing up and down the stairs. I had ballooned to almost 190 lbs. My face was round, my stomach was protruding, and I brought my pair of size 36 jeans to wear because they were the only ones that fit comfortably.

After that I had another wake up call. I did an engagement shoot (Robert and Tia) where we had to climb onto the side of a bridge. I posted pictures of me to Facebook in a link titled, “I’ll do anything for my clients.”

What most people don’t know is that I was hanging from the ledge because I did not have the strength to pull myself up on my own. Robert and my former studio manger, Anna Beth, had to help me up the rest of the way.

Although most wedding photographers are active during the actual shooting of a wedding, that does not compensate for the hours of sitting editing and munching on who knows what. I've sat for hours at a time staring at a screen and reaching my hand for whatever carb is closest.

How did I make the change? The first thing I had to do was to get support. I got my wife on board. Just like I write down my business goals, I decided to write down my health goals. As a matter of fact, we both wrote our goals down and put them on the refrigerator door with a magnet. I started on a calorie counting website so that I was accountable for what I was putting in my body. It was a tedious process but I learned a lot. Next, I agreed to start researching new recipes that would be filling but still cut out the high sugar and sodium. Instead of starving myself during the day I made an effort to eat three balanced meals with two snacks in between. The weight began to melt away. I combined my new eating schedule with a workout that included lighter free weights and 30 minutes of cardio three days a week. I began using the machines at the gym that I used to ignore because they looked funny, as a challenge. It took about 5 - 6 months to lose the weight.

Soon enough the gym got boring and I needed more variation. That’s when I joined Crossfit for 6 weeks and then FitWit (my saving grace). FitWit is a mix of high intensity cardio with some weight training and calisthenics as well. Its like recess for adults. I’ve been doing FitWit for a year now and I volunteered as an assistant trainer for a while. I built my strength and endurance with this cross training and I have already been through 4 pairs of shoes.

At 32 (April 30th) I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. In less than 2 years, I lost 28.5 lbs and then gained close to 10 lbs of muscle. Now I am on to my next challenge. I put a team (KNIGHT Team - Berkley+Tiffany, Kevin+Chynna, and Jaymin+Tiffany) together for the Peachtree Road Race and I am also running the New York City Marathon. I can’t wait to achieve more towards my goals!!

My family's medical background is filled with preventable issues and I plan to do all that I can to change history. I am running for my life…


Enchanting Fashion Shoot at Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club by Ross Oscar Knight

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yesterday I braved the fog, heat, rain, horses, frogs, birds, spiders, mosquitoes, flies, and even a polo player for a 13 hr fashion shoot at the Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club. We started at 6 AM and called it quits with a champagne toast at 7 PM. With rain boots handy to walk through the marsh and tip toe down the bank of a lake, I lost 5 lbs and had to be driven home at the end of the day. The result? A beautiful collection of images that I can't wait to share with you soon. Here's a sneak peek.

I'd like to thank KIS (cubed) Events for the coordination, hair, makeup, and for getting all of us together. I'd also like to thank my three assistants (Yvonne, Cliff, and Kimani), the models, Tents Unlimited Inc., Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals, Divine Occaisions, and all of the interns for your help in making the day a success!!

I'll list the publications as the different images are released to print.

Update: Studio Session with designer Erica Angeline

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The photoshoot went very well today. I did a four light setup. The original location was supposed to be outdoors in downtown Decatur but since the forecast called for rain I decided it was best to move inside. Below is one of the favorite shots of both Erica and I. Cheers to Destiny (model) that I first met at the Munaluchi Bridal Magazine event a couple of weeks ago. She was a good sport and was very patient even when she was dodging non-sandbagged lights!

Today Yvonne and I prepped for a shoot with Erica Angeline. Erica has a new magazine ad coming out next month and we're delighted that she selected us to be the photographers. The forecast tomorrow is for rain so I went into my basement and dug out the seamless rolls of paper. I'll update this post with the final images. Stay dry tomorrow!


Going Up?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My friend Mary Chatman is the new owner of BlackBride.com. She and her team are currently working on a complete redesign of the site to be released soon as well as several events. This past weekend was the first bridal show and she asked me to be a part of the action. I was happy to attend and I met some amazing brides. The highlight of the afternoon was a fashion show featuring 3 different designers. I was totally impressed!! As a treat Tony Terry performed "When I'm With You." When I first walked into the venue, I was asked..."Going Up?"


Apple and Orange H20 by Ross Oscar Knight

For all of our clients stopping by today we made Apple Orange water. I'll have to admit that its pretty refreshing. Feel free to stop by and say hello. We'll be here until 5:30 PM. I was asked for our recipe last time so here it is for your enjoyment.

2 Oranges
1 Apple
1 Lemon
Filtered Water/Ice

Slice apples and oranges
Add drops of lemon juice to apple slices
Place fruit in container
Add Ice
Add Water
Place in refrigerator for 24 hours
Garnish with orange wedges

Coming next: Cucumber and Rosemary H2O

If you missed our lemonade stand, click here.

Coming Soon: Trip to the Alter by Ross Oscar Knight - A Spelhouse Union

Monday, April 18, 2011

Here's a first look at the wedding Brandi and I shot this weekend. We got to see lots of classmates from our Spelman and Morehouse days. As I was editing yesterday I was struck by the contrast of this image. More photos coming soon.


Historic Sixth Avenue Baptist Church Birmingham Wedding by Ross Oscar Knight

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How do you tell a story in 50+1 photos?

The Ravizee's are close family friends of ours. I met them back in 2004 while I was plotting my transition to become a full-time photographer and I received great support. I was honored when they asked me to shoot their daughter's wedding, Candace. There is no way I can sum up this family in 50 + 1 photos but I can sum up my feelings for them in three words, I Love You! Although I met the groom the day of the wedding, we connected right away and I learned so much more about him during the toasts at the reception. It was fun to shoot with some of my former workshop students as well. Enjoy the photos below.


My Hope is Built on Nothing Less...

Friday, April 15, 2011

All other ground is sinking sand.

Yesterday I was out doing location research for the wedding (George and Kenique) I am shooting this weekend. We were all over the place and I stopped to take some images. I've been up all night working/thinking and its finally time to catch some zzz's at 5 AM (uhh birds are chirping outside)!?? Right now we are debating replacing one of our cars and I need to get that handled within the next week or so. Decisions, decisions. Why don't all cars last for like 20 years? During a short prayer to keep me going this hymn by Edward Mote (1834) popped into my mind. I thought about my pictures from the day and our financial dilemma. Through it all I just kept singing the hymn over and over again. I also thought about my late grandparents. We used to sing this song at their church when I was growing up in Pensacola. The words are very powerful and remind me of where my hope, strength, and courage come from. Anyways, Happy Friday!!


Destination I Do

Last month my studio was the host for a Destination Wedding Workshop, "Destination I Do." The workshop was coordinated by Kathy Grate (Divine Occasions) and Lillian Miller (LT Travel Connections). Brides came to the event to learn how to plan their weddings abroad and to ask questions of the participating vendors. Sandals and Couples Resorts presented on their properties and I gave tips for booking a photographer and trends in the industry. The next workshop is set for September. Look out for more details coming soon.


Picking Neckties and Picking Interns

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday night I judged a talent competition and I felt a little weird having to rate the contestants as they performed their talents and answered questions. Anyways, all went well and by the middle of the evening I had things under control. During the formal portion I was reminded of how many neckties I went through before selecting one to wear to the event. I've built a decent collection over the last few years but some of them need to be updated (width-wise) to 2011 fashion standards.

Although I'm considering narrowing my ties, to the contrary I'm expanding our team for the summer with an intern. This week I have to review the applications in detail. Just like my ties and the talent competition contestants, we have a diverse and lively group from which to choose. I wish I could invite all the potential interns to Atlanta for the Summer but I just don't have the space or time. Its going to be a hard decision from the experience and drive that I have read about thus far on paper. Wish me luck, we'll be welcoming a bright future star soon!!


A Sense of Purpose

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I struggle with the concept of purpose even though I know the exact reason I was placed on this earth. Often times I can feel like I am not making a difference. I was talking to my wife over dinner and she really helped me to think about my past experiences and what I have learned up until this point. When I came home I started reading a past daily word email from Joel and Victoria Olstein that brought my sense of purpose back into perspective. I am living my dream and I want to continue being a Dream Releaser. I hope you are having a blessed Sunday!

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria (3/31/2011)

Think about the people God has placed in your life. They’re not there by accident. God brings people to you for a purpose. We should live with this awareness that, “I am here to add value to people. I am here to help them succeed.” Don’t go around always thinking, “I wonder what that person can do for me. I wonder what they have to offer.” No, we should have the attitude, “What can I do for them? How can I help them come up higher? Can I teach them something I know? Can I connect them with someone who can help them?” Don’t make the mistake of going through life ingrown. Instead, be a dream releaser. Use your talent, your influence and your experience, not just to accomplish your goals, but to help release a dream in someone else.

Remember, there is nothing more rewarding than to lay down at night knowing that you helped someone else become better. You not only fulfilled your purpose for that day, you did your best. It may have just been a two-minute phone call where you encouraged someone; but when you live as a dream releaser, you’ll see your own dreams come alive as well!


“Be devoted to one another in love...”
(Romans 12:10, NIV)


Father in heaven, thank You for equipping me to be a blessing to others. Show me ways to be a dream releaser and help others to rise up higher. Help me to use my influence to encourage others and honor You always. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

— Joel & Victoria Osteen


Preview: Historic Sixth Avenue Baptist Church Birmingham Wedding by Ross Oscar Knight

Friday, April 8, 2011

A peek at our second wedding of the year...more soon.

Ross Oscar Knight Photography Destination and Fusion Wedding Photographers


Simply Time to DIY by Ross Oscar Knight: Episode #1

Image above courtesy Reshma Jae - KIS (cubed) intern

I had a delightful meeting this morning with Nirjary and Reshma of KIS (cubed) Events. We are planning a spectacular daylong shoot about 30 miles outside of Atlanta. When I am working on shoot ideas I always like to make a sketch of some sort. For the record, I can't draw. Instead of just receiving a storyboard from the production staff, I like to visit the location for a lighting check and then draw out a few of my own ideas. Next up is to translate the ideas to photographs. Of course different ideas pop into my head the moment I start shooting but the afore mentioned process helps me to be prepared for the unimaginable. Its quite different photographing a staged shoot with a creative director vs. capturing the raw emotion of a wedding day. Fashion photography is not my forte but I enjoy expanding my skills with shoots like this.

When props or camera accessories are just too expensive, I'm all about the DIY method. Yvonne and I are already busy building what we need for the six sets. In a post next week, hopefully I will show you the result of our project(s).

Ross Oscar Knight Photography Destination and Fusion Photographers


Throwback to 1997 by Ross Oscar Knight

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I was searching through some of my old hard drives and I found these images. I remember taking them so vividly during a portrait session in 2007. That entire year was super adventurous as it marked my first full-time career away from Corporate America. I had finally removed the wool from over my head.

Ross Oscar Knight Photography Destination and Fusion Wedding Photographers


KNIGHT runs the NYC Marathon for Pancreatic Cancer Research 11.6.2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My bucket list is huge and I'm checking off items every month. Completing my first marathon has been on the horizon. On November 6, 2011 I will be running the 40,000 participant ING New York City Marathon to support Pancreatic Cancer Research. I am a member of TEAMHOPE (Team Name: "Fernando's Run"). My goal is to raise $5,500. Pancreatic Cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the United States--and has the highest mortality rate of all major cancers (2009 American Cancer Society).

Last year I photographed a wedding in Central America (Charles and Elisa) and I met Fernando (father of the bride). A quiet soul with a servant heart, Fernando made a huge impression on me.

His relationship with his daughter, Elisa, was so very special and one that I admired. Shortly after returning to the US from the wedding Fernando was diagnosed with advanced Pancreatic Cancer. Its been almost a year since he passed. I was privileged to have met Fernando and his legacy lives on through his family and friends.

If you would like to support my fundraising efforts, please visit my marathon website and make a donation: pancan.kintera.org/teamhopenyc/rossoscarknight

Ross Oscar Knight Photography - Destination Travel Cultural Awareness Photographers


Ross Oscar Knight Photography featured in Weddings Unveiled Magazine

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kevin and Chynna's wedding (Part I and Part II) that we shot last summer at The St. Regis Hotel is featured in the Spring 2011 issue of Weddings Unveiled. Pick up a copy today at your local bookstore! Also, a big thank you to all of the vendors from this wedding that made it a smashing success. Scroll down to see links to their businesses and support them.

Photography: Ross Oscar Knight Photography. Wedding Consultant: Michelle Gainey with Lemiga Events. Cinematographer: Three Ring Media. Ceremony Location, Reception Venue, Catering and Baker: St. Regis Hotel Atlanta. Cupcakes: Chocolate Pink Cafe and Cami Cakes. Florist: Le Jardin Francais. Party Rentals: Classic Party Rentals and Premier Tenting Solutions and Event Rentals. Lighting, Audio and Visual: PSAV Presentation Services. Linens: I Do Linens. Draping: Event Drapery. Invitations, Stationery and Wedding Papers: Luxe Expressions. Ceremony Music: Kazanetti String Quartet. Cocktail and Dinner Music: Dan Baraszc from Livin' Large Productions, Inc. Reception Entertainment: DJ LV. Bridal Gown: Romona Keveza purchased at Kleinfeld. Bridesmaid Dresses: Vera Wang. Hair: The Moore Agency. Makeup: Patrice Coleman. Officiant: Dr. Lisa Tait. Wedding Sitters: Elegant Event Sitters. Party Favors: Savannah Pralines. Fireworks: Pyrotecnico.

Weddings Unveiled sprang from the minds of a wedding planner and a fashion photographer. They imagined a beautiful magazine reflective of the South’s modern sophisticate with a fresh, edgy take on classic style. The result proved to be one of the most exciting, talked-about wedding publications in the country by brides and wedding professionals alike. Weddings Unveiled is everything weddings with vivid imagery, lush editorials, incomparable fashion and a sophisticated manner that appeals to intelligent, modern brides.

Ross Oscar Knight Photography Destination and Fusion Wedding Photographers


Friends Become Lovers - A Ghanaian Wedding by Ross Oscar Knight

Saturday, April 2, 2011