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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shawn and Rabbiyah @ The W Hotel Buckhead

See the slideshow from the wedding titled "Moment for Life"

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New Tote Bags for the Studio!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I was really excited to receive our new tote bags in the mail today! Let me know what you think. If you would like to receive one, send us an email:

Measures 15"x13"x10"
20" Double reinforced handles
Recyclable polypropylene fabric


Four (4) Couples + One (1) House + Multiple Adventures in Utah = I Know Why I Got Married

Friday, February 17, 2012

Four (4) Couples + One (1) House + Multiple Adventures in Utah = Why Did I Get Married? I Know Why I Got Married

We gathered the same crew from the Atlanta Peachtree Road Race to  hang out in the mountains of Park City, Utah. After this trip we all have nicknames that I'll decline to share for the moment to protect the innocent! I will say this - the group had its own chef, rescue squad, resident comedian, pillow talker, political and sports specialist, ice road trucker, keeper of secrets, and bionic man.

I think it helped to have a photographer document along the way...

Oh yeah, if you are looking for some great recipes and food reviews, make sure to visit Tiffany's new blog: Crazy Life Cooking


For the Love of Diversity - Commonality and Contrast by Ross Oscar Knight

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Look around you. Your conclusion to this post will be more meaningful than mine.


Today I Bought My Inspiration and Her Name Was Judy | Atlanta

One of my friends asked to borrow Judy this week and I was reminded of this story. This is a re-post from 3.25.2010. Look at that old logo???

Its nearing the end of March and the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom here in Atlanta. Beautiful! My allergies are all a mess so my clients have to hear my stuffy voice on the phone. Still, after taking my allergy medication I spent time yesterday working on my laptop in the park. Sitting amongst other happy Atlantans who were dressed in what seemed to be bathing suits(?), I started typing. Movies, songs, speeches, single words, colors, sights, scents, sounds, artifacts, fashion, people, seasons, food, history, hats, chairs, streets, bridges, structures, textiles, and textures have all at some point given me the much needed vitality to continue my odyssey through photography. I could name even more.

For 3 years I have had a secret love affair. Her name was Judy. One day I walked into a store in West Midtown and there she was standing in the back corner of the room next to a rack of dresses. It is true that I have a fascination with all things antique but this was somehow a peculiar discovery. The dress form that I remained motionless before was enchanting to view. I wanted to know more about her. I wanted to research her story. I wanted to take her home. She was a rare find. I asked the saleswoman if the form was for sale and she politely replied no.

I began stopping by the store monthly if not weekly just to visit. There was so much character and so many features to observe about the form. I took a picture of her one day with my phone in case she left but that did no justice. Being there in the presence of this historical piece was even more riveting.

At last, I received an email from one of my designer friends that the store I frequented was going out of business. Could this be true? I reread the text from the correspondence, "All merchandise and fixtures must go." I sprinted out of my home and checked the store's website on my iPhone just before getting in my car. It was 10:30 AM and the store had opened 30 minutes prior at 10. I thought to myself, "I'm too late!"

It seemed like traffic lights lingered forever and that other cars were moving in slow motion. My rush of adrenalin made me nauseous. As my heart raced, I wished my car would accelerate in the same fashion. Finally, I arrived.

I was surprised to see the store owner (Carol) at the register. After all of these years we had never met nor spoken. Normally, one of her employees was at the helm. I casually browsed the discounted merchandise hoping to enjoy my journey to the rear of the space. The thrill was short lived for when I reached the all too familiar location, it was vacant. The tingling feeling rushed from my extremities. I was crushed. My shoulders sank with disappointment. I figured this would be my day. Soon after, I resolved to rummaging through a pile of organic baby clothes. It was time to leave.

On my way to the exit Carol stopped me and asked if I had recently become a father. I replied no and continued with my path. Carol stopped me again and asked if I had found what I was looking for. I again unemphatically replied no. Carol insisted I tell her what I had been seeking.

When I mentioned the vintage dress form, I had no choice but to share the entire story about my photography and my obsession with what had become an art piece in my mind. Carol interrupted, "You mean Judy!" I had no clue who Judy was but I surmised she meant the form. Carol motioned me towards the counter and pointed in the direction of an old mirror. I did not understand. I was looking at myself?? Weird. I snapped out of my funk just long enough to notice that the dress form had been moved behind the register next to the mirror.

All of a sudden the fullness of breath returned to my chest cavity. My heart was rekindled and my mind was put at ease. "I'll take her," I replied. Carol reluctantly added that Judy was still full price. "Doesn't matter," I blurted. Carol asked where I would be taking Judy and if I owned a fashion store as well. I continued with the rest of my story.

For 3 years I sought inspiration from Judy. Sometimes just before a photoshoot I came by just to take a quick peek. Carol was delighted with my dedication. Judy was personal to her and that is why she had named her. I exchanged contact info with Carol and promised to keep her abreast of my looming adventures.

I made an unceremonious dash towards the door for I knew that Judy was all mine. When I delicately placed her in the car I noticed an envelope affixed to the frame dated 1903 with an address written on the front. When I returned home I started researching and learned that the dress form was from a store located in New York at 710 Broadway. Judy had most likely been manufactured between 1880 and 1900 before the store went bankrupt.

So many of us have pieces or moments of inspiration in our lives. They come in all shapes and forms. We cannot touch nor see them all. We look into our past wondering if someone or something might still be there. I realize that life changes constantly but everything happens in God's time. He allows us to make serendipitous discoveries just at a moment when you feel all alone. Make sure to keep your spirit alert for your blessing and next form of inspiration. I was led to mine.

Today I bought my inspiration and her name was Judy.


A Valentine's Day Surprise by Ross Oscar Knight

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fred and Patrice @ Midtown Atlanta 

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The Transition by Ross Oscar Knight

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Last Summer my friends, Anna and Spencer, filmed me in Atlanta speaking about my goals.

My focus has shifted from wedding photography to add fine art photojournalism, mission work, and the study of cultures around the world. This video is about my transition and also me taking control of my health.

Fine Art:
Health: READ
Missions: SUPPORT
India Journal: ENJOY



Because Love Couldn't Wait Any Longer by Ross Oscar Knight

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Amani and Kia @ Historic Fourth Ward Park (H4WP)

More of this wedding coming soon...

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A Lucky Day Below the Sky Train in Thailand by Ross Oscar Knight

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

While I was walking to the sky train I always seemed to pass people selling lottery tickets. This is the first man I felt compelled to shoot because he paid me no attention.


Love in the Big Easy by Ross Oscar Knight

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Josh and Cody @ St. Patrick's Church and The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans 

I feel like Cody and I were destined to meet since we have continually bumped into one another around town. We've met at the vet's office, bootcamp, and even yoga. Last Summer I took a team of photographers to New Orleans to shoot her three days of wedding festivities. Robyn Spizman of A Legendary Event did a write up on the wedding below.

On July 29, 2011, A Legendary Event created an award-winning spectacular floral fantasy for a Cajun meets shabby-chic wedding at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans! They orchestrated a symphony of flowers and the ambiance was unexpected, romantic and illuminated with glamour while preserving a hint of the antique style of the past. "Love in the Big Easy" was the ideal theme for a spectacular floral design that majestically embraced the ornate St. Patrick's Church and the Astoria Ballroom at the historic Roosevelt Hotel. With 270 guests in attendance, the flowers were the centerpiece of the bride's attention as she wanted personal flowers and a trend-setting bouquet, integrating cotton and heirloom jewelry. The floral decor included a jaw-dropping bottle tree of magnolia branches at the reception meant to ward away spirits.

The color scheme was ivory and peach with twine wrapped boutonnieres and vintage-inspired centerpiece containers. The wedding ceremony began with a grand royal style procession at the national landmark, St. Patrick;s Church, which was constructed in 1840 and is a beloved 19th century gem of New Orleans. It stands proudly as a religious institution embracing a city of the old, the new, and the renewed. The church was so gorgeous that all of the personal flowers had to be even more dramatic, romantic, and stunning than the venue itself, while complementing the intricately ornate structure which presented an exciting opportunity due to its towering height and monumental architecture.

After the service, energized jazz from a colorful and engaging front line band led the guests through the massive front doors to their transportation and the procession to the hotel. Music and video screens with the couple's engagement photograph portfolio set the stage for the second act, leaving guests swept off their feet.

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