Tonight - KNIGHT in Search of Light (for beginning photographers)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today I was editing for so long I felt cross-eyed. All of the colors on my computer screen started turning into little spots similar to the spots in the image below that I shot while making my way home.

Brandi called me to pick her up from an outing but I still had about 15 minutes to burn before she would be ready. So I gave myself an assignment to look for future locations to shoot with my clients. No assignment for me is complete without a set of guidelines. That's the structure coming out of me! So here it goes:

1. Find five locations in ten minutes

2. Shoot with only one hand in manual mode (tricky...hmmmm...) and only one lens

3. Can't get out of car to shoot

4. Scene must have at least two light sources

5. Light sources must have two different color temperatures

6. Landscape and horizontal orientation

7. 3-mile driving radius

8. Must be able to place a future subject in exact scene

9. Don't get arrested

10. Pick up the Dr. Mrs. on-time

Here are the results.

Can you see the infinite possibilities for these compositions? Share some of your thoughts with us!

Giving yourself assignments and making yourself accountable will help you to grow as a photographer and as an entrepreneur. Its all about your drive and finding/making time even when there is no time. During a photoshoot you have to be prepared and anticipate the unexpected. As a photojournalist it is critical to become comfortable being proactive and reactive given the situation or your changing environment. Make sure to honor your clients and prove your value by knowing where to photograph them and when. Research your location and make sure to have an alternate just in case. The Key Is To Love What You See! Your hard work and determination will show through the finished work and years from now your clients will still marvel and the art you have created for them.

Now go find the Light!

- KNIGHT (2009 KNIGHT Workshops)

11 Years Ago - Room 130

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If you've ever read our engagement story you would know that Room 130 has a special meaning to Brandi and I. 11 years ago I peered through the door window of a physics class at Morehouse College. My life would never be the same. There in the middle of the class sat the Spelman woman of my dreams surrounded by at least 40 Morehouse guys.

Fast forward to 2008 and we're married!

Morehouse Homecoming was last weekend so Brandi and I decided to visit the place where we met. I have to admit that I got a little emotional but then I pulled it together and gave her a huge hug in front of the door. Ok, well maybe a little more than that - TMI. But its what I wanted to do 11 years ago the day she walked out of that door and said hi to me for the first time. My knees were weak and they still get weak every time she flashes that million dollar smile.

Love you babe!


The Classic Bride and Her Gent

These last few weeks I have been editing images like there is no tomorrow but tonight I had to pause when I came across this lovely image. The image is one of my brides (Kristina) after her ceremony. Since the engagement session went so well the formal shoot was a piece of cake. Both Billy (groom) and Kristina knew that I wanted to create some really special images even though we were rushed to get back to the festivities and the guests. We were walking back to the reception and I was back peddling to keep up with the couple and to shoot at the same time. Just before crossing the median I captured the memorable shot above of Kristina smiling at her new husband as he unraveled her veil which had become tangled. What a gentleman! I love how the late evening light catches the folds and creases of the veil to illuminate its shape and form. A few more teaser detail images are below.


Larry + Cynthia = The Perfect Light For The Perfect Night

Monday, October 27, 2008

Larry and Cynthia exchanged nuptials at the Four Seasons Golf Club and Resort in Las Colinas, TX. The details and lighting at this wedding were absolutely perfect the entire night! Check the images below and look out for the slide show soon.

Engagement Session link



Polls Closed! Votes Have Been Counted! And The Winner Is!!!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Picture 4: Shy guy and girl (32 Votes)

We had just over 60 votes come in before the polls closed.
Check out to see the image on the front page - full size.

Here's the other results!

Picture 1: The serious guy (0 Votes)

Picture 2: Dimple starting to form (4 Votes)

Picture 3: Both are ready to lose it
(23 Votes)

Picture 5: The ladie's man (0 Votes)


Cal + Dana = The Coffee, Climbing, Cuddling, Couple

Cal and Dana first met at The Sweet Water Brewery in Atlanta. They found so much in common that they are now engaged! The couple will marry next fall in New York.

It was cold early this morning when I arrived for the shoot so I stayed in the car for a while. We shot at the park in Atlanta where Cal proposed. Anna Beth arrived before me and found a huge wandering great dane that she was determined to rescue. Anyways good thing I decided to get out and check for Cal and Dana - they were hiding behind the columns of the gazebo where we were supposed to meet! Well they weren't actually hiding, I think they were staying clear of the cool breeze while sipping hot coffee to remain warm. I let them keep their coffee for the beginning of the session and I even incorporated the cups in the opening shot. Cal rose to the occasion when I asked him to climb a tree and Dana jumped higher off the ground than any other person I have ever photographed (check the last pic).

The sun came out during the shoot so I moved the couple frequently to find the best lighting for the different compositions I wanted to capture. My favorite composition is the shot of the lovebirds on the small pier with Midtown Atlanta as the backdrop.

Enjoy the images below.