Signs Anyone?

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Earlier this month we had a roll call to represent your city, state, or country to let us all know why we should visit. I don't know about you but now I have some pretty exciting places to check out when I travel!

Here's another idea. It's called "Random Signs." Every day we all see interesting things, right? Well take a picture!!! Just remember for this blog entry we are focusing on signs. While you are out during the day (night owls for some of you!) make sure to keep your camera handy. Send the pictures to

I will post the pictures (please keep size under 200K) to my blog with a photo credit to you. Make sure to include the following information:

Name: John/Jane Doe
Location: City, State
Why you find your sign interesting?
What you were doing when you found your sign?

Here's mine:


Location: Atlanta, GA

Why you find your sign interesting? Everything was closed around this restaurant, literally. Construction crews were tearing everything down around the restaurant and I saw this sign. I couldn't even find a place to park! That's when your bike come in handy!!

What you were doing when you found your sign? Going to eat breakfast (my favorite meal)!

Name: A.Hope Smith

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Why you find your sign interesting? This was the name of a Bar in The Fan District and their phone number even looked like a UPC code.

What you were doing when you found your sign. I went out to a shoot an evening picture of the Richmond Police Station Sculpture I'd been trying to get for 2 days.
The Officer Head Sculpture hangs on the side of the building.
I needed to wait til sundown about 8 pm to get the shot so there was no glare from the sun. That's when I came across the "barcode" sign.

Name: A.Hope Smith

Location: Richmond VA

Why you find your sign interesting?
Driving past this place, it really looks like a Chinese Restaurant...until you read the fine print. It turn out to be a used book store. See trick signs below.

What you were doing when you found your sign? Feeling hungry on the way back from
shooting the Police Sculpture pic, I was looking for a place to stop and get something to go. Well, when you park your car and walk to the front door, you are greeted by another sign that says: "USED BOOKS, NOT EGG ROLLS". It tricked me, but good! I snapped both pictures and was so glad I had my camera with me! It was sooo funny! I thought it odd that there was no long line.

Song Information

Friday, June 29, 2007

TGIF!!! Hope that everyone has some great plans for this weekend!

I have received hundreds of emails and phone calls about the song that is played on the Robert Gray and Keisha Williams slide show.

The song is: "How Deeply I Need You" by Shekinah Glory Ministry. The lead singer for the song is Phil Tarver.


The Best Class Ever...LEAD 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ok..I know..I know...I am just blogging away tonight, right? Well, I'm up editing pictures for a recent shoot, so to take a break, I'm writing on the blog.

At the end of April I finished a program called LEAD Atlanta. It was one of the best experiences of my life. During this 8 month experience I met 40 of the coolest young people in Atlanta.

We were split into 5 groups of 8 and then given projects to work on to help benefit the Atlanta Community. You want to try something challenging? Lock yourself in a room with 8 other "Type A" personalities and see who is left standing!

In the end, we persevered and made it through. My group's project was to tackle Atlanta's issue with best practices not being shared in public middle schools. This was a perfect fit for my interest because I believe that middle school plays a pivotal role in a child's development as a leader.

My group called our project, "Building a Middle School Culture of High Expectations." We worked with four schools in Atlanta, one in D.C. (SEED) and one in New Yok (IS 93).

Members of my team included:

Graham Balch - Consultant, Boston Consulting Group
William Bryant - Field Director, Boy Scouts of America
Molly Chase - Executive Producer, Cartoon Network (TBS)
David Jernigan - Founding Principle, K.I.P.P. WAYS Academy
Lisa Kirklan - Project Manager, Kimberly-Clark
Ross Knight - Owner, ROK Photography
Hiewet Senghor - Executive Director, Southern Regional Council
Kristen Wilhelm - Partner, Southerland Asbill & Brennen

We put our heads together and created a documentary that debuted to over 100 middle school administrators from around the country at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. We received sponsorships from Turner Broadcasting, AirTran, Sodexho, and the Georgia Department of Education.

In the end, our documentary was a great success! I felt privileged to be part of such a talented group of people. Here are a few photos, including a picture of the momento (a picture I took while visiting K.I.P.P. Ways) I created for all of the schools involved.


A Day in the Life of KNIGHT: DVD Trailer Released!!! - click the logo below to view

What's it like to be on a photo shoot with KNIGHT? Well here you have it! After a few months of editing we have finished the trailer for our upcoming DVD release, "A Day in the Life of KNIGHT" - Part I. This video (set to release in late 2007 or early 2008) will contain real life footage from a wedding I shot this past May. The video will give beginning photographers tips on shooting, lighting, composition, and client interactions.

Think you have what it takes to be a wedding photographer? In the span of 8 - 10 hours you fill the role of a product photographer, portrait photographer, event photographer and fashion photographer!

To pre-order the dvd, email:

Click the logo below for a sneak peek of "A Day in the Life of KNIGHT."

The infamous Keven Digital of KRJ Productions shot and produced the video. Contact Keven for all of your event videography needs.

Fun in the Sun - Part I? Interested??

Saturday, June 23, 2007

So I have an idea. I thought that since its finally summertime and everyone is enjoying the great outdoors, why not have a gathering? Public that is!

When I am not shooting or editing or cleaning equipment or repairing equipment or carrying equipment....riiight...I enjoy outdoor sports, friends, and food (anyone nifty on the grill?).

This blog entry is to find out how many folks we have interested in meeting up at a local Atlanta city park (Midtown - Piedmont Park ?) to network, meet new/old friends, dust off the old frisbee or soccer ball, enjoy food, fun, and generally hang out with other positive people.

I have my circle of friends, however, my clients, blog readers, and photographer buds are like an extended family for me. And most of you don't know one another.

If you like the idea of doing something in early August (the 4th and 5th are my off days), add your email to the list or send an email to:

You can also add your email address or your "code name" and the date of your preference to the comments section. I'll be there whether you are there or not!!! See some of you soon...

Feel free to bring your cameras so everyone can check out what you have been shooting this year!


The Teletubbies Won Me Over....!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

This morning my assistant and I were on a top secret assignment: Get Evelyn to smile and take some great pictures with her grandparents.


- approx. 12 months old
- 20 lbs
- brown hair
- brown eyes
- teletubbies fanatic
- recently had her first nose run

- 83 yrs old
- used to run his own fishing business in New Jersey
- ran the Peachtree Road Race 3 years ago!
- walks every day
- in better shape than you!

- age: never tell a woman's age
- immigrated from Ireland 40+ years ago
- loves Bradley Beach, NJ
- sharp as a tack
- pretty eyes
- can quiet a baby with one look

Armed with this info we were off to Candler Park/Freedom Trail. When we reached the house Mom (we'll refer to her as Lady M) was on her way out the door to work. I had to find a quick distraction for Evelyn. That's when I discovered that my assistant's Santa hat had lost its magic. So it was on to plan B, fruit. Success at last! Evelyn loves lemons, limes, and bananas. Thank the heavens up above, the kitchen was stocked full of 'em.

O.K. I could keep on like this but I will tell you how the rest of the day really went down. If you know anything about my childhood, I grew up with 6 siblings. 5 sisters and 1 brother. If you add my mom, that makes 6 women in one house!!!

Evelyn went through more emotions in two hours than I saw 6 women go through in 10 years! However, I'm glad to say that our mission was accomplished. See for yourself below. Well, actually Evelyn accomplished her mission. By the end of the shoot she had me watching her daily colorful "pick me up." The Teletubbies won me over! We were all ready for a nap after this one.

Evelyn - You're a ROCK STAR!!!

The END.



Some of My Favorite Images of 2006!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Vely and Kimberly Louis will be celebrating their 1 year Wedding Anniversary on June 3rd. I shot the wedding in Washington, D.C. at the Howard Law Chapel on the campus of Howard University. Congratulations Vely and Kim!!!

How much fun was this picture to shoot! After everyone was tired, I decided to cheer up the group by having them all hold hands and "Jump the Broom."

"The AKA Song"

A dramatic entrance with a little digital editing help!

Ring bearer lost his place in the ceremony and got stuck between the bars at the alter!

Orlando and Kristen will celebrate their 1st Wedding Anniversary on August 5th. This wedding was in sunny Pensacola, FL (where I grew up). Happy Anniversary Orlando and Kristen!


Something New for the Summer...$$$ Savings!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

For the past few weeks I've gotten some strange looks from my clients (and some friends too) when I show up to photo shoots or meetings on my bike. With rising gas prices and the constant struggle to find free time to exercise, I thought I would try something new this summer.

First, I calculated how much I spend in gas per month and per year:

$3.29/Gallon --- $42.24 full tank --- 4 tanks/month --- $168.96/month --- $2027.52/year

Next, my gym membership:

$35.00/month --- $420.00/year

Last, my time for exercise:

5 hrs/week

So I visited my neighborhood bike store with a budget of about $350 (about 2 months of gas). Now, it has almost been a month since I filled up my gas tank!!! I use my bike to go to photo shoots, scout new shoot locations, lunch, the post office, the coffee shop, meet with clients, the gas station (now for a water break!) or wherever I can get within 15 minutes.

How much have I saved? $84.48 thus far! However, in a year that should escalate to $1013.76 (paid for my bike three times and enough to buy a new lens!). In addition, I have lost 10 lbs (nearly tripled my time for exercise)! I'm telling you honestly, when you are a photographer in front of the computer for hours at a time, you can add pounds really fast. I still have not come to the point where I can part with my gym membership but I am increasingly blessed while riding my bike. Check out the images below to see what was happening around Atlanta yesterday. I would have missed all of this if I was driving my car or relaxing in the air condition at my home.

Concert in Little 5 Points. This was a cool find!

Interesting people in Atlanta and inspiration for an upcoming book!

An Ethiopian wedding in the park. This was beautiful! Everyone was singing and dancing. The couple was married on a pier overlooking the water at Piedmont Park.

Location for a future lifestyle photo shoot with one of my clients? I think so.

Beginning photographers: Stay tuned for info on this shoot location - lighting, composition, and camera settings.


My Very First Book Cover - Calm Hill!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Last October, I was contacted by a young aspiring author, Quincy Hill (aka Calm Hill). He was almost finished writing his first book, "Walking in the Footsteps of God." What drew me to Quincy's project was his passion for what he was writing and his spirit of service. He wanted to reach the lost generation of youth in the World. We met a few times in Midtown Atlanta and then he gave me the first chapter of the book to read. He told me that he wanted a picture for the cover that made him appear to be leaving his past behind and walking into his destiny. I thought about a few areas to do his photos - Brunswick, GA....Destin, FL...

After some prayer and a weekend of driving, I thought back to a location I visited while in college. Red Top Mountain, GA. I remember the dramatic sunrises and sunsets I used to witness when visiting this State Park. It took two weeks of light studies for me to determine exactly what would be the perfect time for the exact lighting conditions.

When you examine the image below, notice how the sunlight cuts through the clouds to the lake and then glistens across the rocks on the shore. Also, pay close attention to the clothing on the foreground symbolizing Calm Hill's former life.

For photographers: Lighting studies will help when using natural light. You need to think about the color temperature of light every time you take a photo. Is the light cool or warm? What should your white balance settings be? Can using a higher ISO help you to squeeze more light out of the scene? Off camera flash or reflectors (both?)? Some of these questions will be examined in a small seminar that I will host next year.

Author: Quincy Hill
Photographer: Ross Knight
Book Cover Design: Quincy Hill and E.K. Allen Creative (Tyler Perry products)


New Engagement Slide Show Link...

Friday, June 15, 2007

I opened space on another site so that more of you can view the Robert Gray and Keisha Williams Engagement.

Click here.

Server Space - Over 11 million hits!

Hello everyone. I have received numerous emails about a few of the slide shows not loading. The reason is because the server cannot keep up with the number of people viewing the show at the same time. Every time someone closes one of the shows, there is someone else that is able to view it.

Yesterday, we had about 150,000 people online at one time!!! This is a blessing! At the same time I am looking into unlimited server space options.

Stay tuned for more info soon.



View Individual Pictures (Robert Gray and Keisha Williams Engagement)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Many of you have asked how you can view individual pictures or how you can purchase the slide show on dvd.

If you click the arrow to the bottom right of the slide show you will see a drop down box. The icons of the drop down box will direct you to an ordering site to view the pictures or purchase the dvd. You can also view the song information and link to the music.

Alternatively, for viewing and purchasing pictures only, you can click this link. Create a username and password of your choice and you will be taken directly to the pictures. The event key has been removed so you will not need it.


CLICK HERE TO READ MORE! is back in Action!!!

After working all night long....server maintenance is complete and the site is back up! You can get to the home page by clicking here.

A Few Past Slide Shows for You to Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 (wedding) (family portraits) (engagement) (couple portraits) (birthday)



Found the Problem!!!!

Apparently, there are a few hackers that are trying to get into my site to take the "Remember the Ritz" slide show and several images from my website. This is very unfortunate and caused my site to be removed from the server momentarily. Once the threat has been completely combated we will be back up. Should be just a few hours.

For those of you who have been blessed by the show, please pray against these malicious attempts.

In the meantime, you can view the show by clicking the link in the previous post.



Alternate Email Address

While I work out the server space issues on - you can email me at or call 404.313.0875.



New Link for Slide Show (Robert and Keisha)!!!

I created an alternate link to the slide show for Robert Gray and Keisha Williams...

Click here to view the slide show!!!


Site Crash!!!!

Due to approximately 15,000 views of the Robert Gray and Keisha Williams Engagement slide show, the site is currently packed with viewers!

I am loading the show to another server so that more of you can view it shortly.



The Most Elaborate Engagement I Have Ever Witnessed!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

At the end of April I had the privilege to shoot the engagement of Robert Gray, Jr. and Keisha Williams. Robert and Keisha met four years ago at a surprise birthday party for a mutual friend. Two months later Keisha received anonymous flowers with a subtle message attached. It was an additional month before Robert revealed himself as her secret admirer. Robert is a native of Atlanta and Keisha hails from LaGrange, GA.

This past February Robert contacted me to talk about his engagement plans. We met at a Starbucks in Southwest Atlanta. The meeting lasted nearly an hour because Robert was so excited to tell me all about what he had been planning for a year. The surprise engagement was to take place at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead, Georgia. He even had a name for the the proposal "Remember the Ritz" and an email address!!

Robert had arranged for 10 rooms (on different floors) at the hotel to be reserved. The rooms were to be filled with family and friends reading scriptures, roses that had been laced with gold, and unlimited candles!

On the day of the engagement, I started shooting at 4 PM and ended at 12 AM (8 hours!). There is so much more to explain but I wouldn't do much justice. My suggestion - pop a bag of popcorn, pull out a box of tissues, and find a comfortable seat. This will be the most elaborate proposal you have ever seen.

Click here for the slide show.