Cruising Through Cincinnati - "The Queen City Song"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I knew I would find something cool in Cincinnati. I'm getting ready to start an engagement shoot in a few minutes but earlier today during lunch I did some location research. While looking around the area I heard a guy singing but I couldn't find him. All I saw was the Tiffany's store. I wrapped up my meal and started searching. That's when I met Sam. I did a 360 matrix move around him to get some shots. Then he gave me a copy of his self produced cd. The Queen City Song...



Wachovia Deal Reached

Monday, September 29, 2008

Since this directly affects me I thought I would post this link.

Let's continue to pray for our nation's financial crisis.


Exploring With My 50mm

Sunday, September 28, 2008

(This post is dedicated to a good friend of mine. I know that she knows who she is.)

This has been a long week. One of the longest I can remember in a while. There's so much happening in the economy and in politics. We don't have gas near my house!!! Yesterday Bran and I attended a picnic for her postdoctoral program.

Brandi acting out Bambi (Charades - movie titles theme)

While she had people guessing
movie titles I decided to go off and explore the area around the park.

For fun, I took only one lens to document the journey - my 50mm. That lens is the first professional lens I was able to afford and remains a permanent fixture in my camera bag. I even store one of my cameras with it attached just in case...well you know...

The fence to get to the other side of the park was locked.

So I kept tugging all of the locks at each gate until...success at of the locks opened!

I walked to the other side of the fence and continued to explore.

Soon I reached a path that led me to an adjacent neighborhood.

The thoughts started flowing.

As the seasons change, so do our lives. We all come in different shapes and sizes and colors - we have different backgrounds, are raised differently, and live in different longitudes and latitudes around the world, yet none of us are immune to how time and world events affect our lives.

I walked past leaves on the ground then suddenly looked up and caught one leaf in mid flight falling from a tree. I wanted to take the leaf with me to keep but on second thought I decided to open my hand and let it continue its individual plight. I photographed several of the leaves and thought about how each had so much character. The different leaves came from neighboring trees. Some tall, some small, some old, some young, some ailing, some healthy, but the leaves themselves all lay there together. A few alone but even more in clusters.

We as humans grow to see differences in our economic situation, the color of our skin, the education we receive, the challenges we conquer, the political parties we support, the ideals we subscribe to, the neighborhoods we live in, the healthcare we receive, and even the age bracket we represent....

But whether you have $1 in your pocket...

...or $100, there are more things that we have in common than you may think.

Take this week to think about what you have in common with your neighbors and how you might help someone through a difficult situation. Fill the void in their life with with love and encouragement.

To my good friend - I Love You and I know that you and your family will be alright.



Coffee Shop Addict

I totally love working at coffee shops. I've visited just about every one of them in the Metro Atlanta area. Call me a coffee shop addict. Now I'm on a mission to get some cool photos while working.

This first shot is me working in the background. See the Apple computer. I was pretty intent on an editing job. For this photo, I remote triggered my camera from a table across the room. You should have seen the people looking at me set this up. They eventually accepted me as weird and paid me no attention. Too funny!

The place was doing some renovations. I took this next photo on the way out. Couldn't resist. I had to leave because when the contractor started painting the smell made me feel like I was on another planet!

Blog you soon! I'm headed to Ohio...


Game Time With A. Carter 99

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What do you do when there is a 6-4, 253 pound, defensive end staring at you on a football field? Run!!!

Unless of course he invited you to the field for a photo shoot.

While in Virginia I shot out at Redskins Park. Most of you will remember Andre Carter from earlier this year when I photographed his family. For this shoot Andre wanted to get some pre-game photos. He has a bunch of action shots from his 8 seasons in the NFL but for this shoot we wanted to capture some of the moments that few get to see.

Here's some images from the shoot.


My assistant for the day: Andre's wife - Bethany


experience KNIGHT Workshop - Fall/Winter 2008 (Update)


The dates for the 2008 Fall/Winter experience KNIGHT Workshops will be October 13 - 14, 2008 and December 4 - 5, 2008!

We are currently sifting through the applications and making notifications weekly. For those of you that asked for a non-weekend workshop, this is your chance to attend.

Here's some pics from the last three workshops: February | April | July

If you are interested in signing up for the waiting list, email us at:

Registration form: click here (view) or click here (download)


Weekend in D.C.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I always enjoy spending time in our nation's capital. Bran and I have so many family and friends in the area that its hard to decide who to visit. This week I had a shoot at Nordstrom and at Red Skins Park. I'll post some of those images soon. After the shooting was done we got the chance to relax, do some shopping, and even catch a football game!

I just checked the calendar and we have 8 more weddings for the year including 4 that are international assignments. Keep us in your prayers as this year seems to be racing to a close.

Blog you soon.


(Re-Post) Inspiration for me and maybe for you too!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Editing tonight I glanced at two pictures that inspire me every single day of my life. I went back to read this post from last summer and decided to re-post. So many people in our lives have achieved so much with so little. So what do we really have to complain about?

When I think about if my house was ever burning down, these two pictures would be amongst the first items I would be sure to grab.


Originally posted (May 2007)

Before I graduated from college, I gained an intense desire to trace my heritage and locate old photographs of my relatives. Finding several damaged pictures, I learned to use computer software to digitally reconstruct the images. This is when I was first introduced to complex digital editing. To date I have collected over 100 pictures and gained information on six generations of my family. Two members of my family, in particular, have given me great inspiration in my business.

The first is my grandfather, George (1906 - 1998). My grandfather was a very strong and determined man. Once he told me that he could build a house all by himself with his bare hands! Even though he was about 80, I actually believed him! One thing that I remember about my grandfather was that he always had a song in his head every time I was around him. I can still hear him singing today, "In the morning, when I rise, in the morning, when I rise...." Today when I think about this song, I think about how blessed I am to wake up every morning with a house, clothing, food, a business, friends, family, a car...but its not the material things that are really what I'm blessed to have. I am more blessed to have good health, a sound mind, salvation, communication with God, talent, a discerning spirit...all things that cannot really be measured. I feel that as an entrepreneur I must always recognize how quickly material things can fade away. Customers may stop calling, my eyes may become weak, my camera may fail to capture light...however, staying grounded in spirituality is the key to being a successful person.

The second inspirational family member to me was my great grandfather, Vandybilt (1907 - 1996). Buster used to pick me up from pre-school (yes I remember) and drive me around Pensacola on the way home. Well, at least I thought we were driving around Pensacola. As I got older, I realized he was only driving me around the same block over and over again. He used to save the pint carton of milk from his senior citizens meeting and give it to me before we got home. He was a remarkable young man. Looking at his photograph you can probably tell that he was of mixed ancestry. This gave him advantages and disadvantages. While raising his family in Pensacola, he was able to make allies in the community. Sometimes based on his character and other times because of his appearance. Still, his family faced harsh times. They had crosses burned in their yard, some went to jail for refusing to leave restaurants, and others faced ridicule once the public school system was integrated. Despite the challenges, my grandfather managed to run a cleaners, invest in real estate, serve as a deacon, and pay for his children to go to college. This was all an amazing feat during a time when access to equal opportunity was unheard of. The entrepreneurial spirit and the spirit of perseverance has passed through my family for quite some time. I feel that I am honoring Buster's legacy by accomplishing some of his same triumphs...all before the age of 30. Many times I think about what he would be doing if he was a young man living today with all of the opportunities I have been afforded. I do not take my blessings lightly and I know that Buster is smiling knowing that the wisdom he gave his great grandson is being put to use.

A book wriiten on my family: A Way Out of no Way - Claiming Family and Freedom in the New South, by Dianne Swann-Wright

If you are interested in tracing your family's history, why not visit

The Day I Shot This Photo...

Most people have no clue that my business card is a self portrait. That is until I tell them or they see my stubby fingers.

It was 2 AM on a summer night in 2005. I was sleeping and like so many nights I was dreaming about photography and freedom from my job. Suddenly, I had this image that popped into my mind. I sprang out of bed, fumbled through the closet, and got dressed. I went directly to my studio basement and set up my equipment. It was hot, I was sweating and the studio was messy but I knew I had to get this shot before the image left my mind. There was this nervous energy about the whole thing. I tried for almost an hour it seemed until the perfect image appeared in my viewfinder. Wow! My logo.

I couldn't stop until I had it all done. Business card and all.

How many of us have daily thoughts of things we want to achieve? How many of us dismiss those thoughts because of everything else that is going on in life? You never know when a fleeting thought will turn into your ticket to success.

Keep dreaming and hoping and wishing and praying. Be patient because if you are faithful your time will surely come.


The Bernie Marcus Foundation

Monday, September 15, 2008

In between some of my weddings I really enjoy working for non profits. I just get a wonderful feeling knowing that I am doing something to help with the community. Last week I had the esteemed pleasure to photograph the ground breaking for the new Home Depot Bernie Marcus Autism Hospitality Cottage. Bernie Marcus is the co-founder of The Home Depot along with Arthur Blank (now owner of the Atlanta Falcons). The energy-efficient facility will be the first overnight facility for families whose children are patients of the Marcus Autism Center.

I actually found myself tearing up thinking about all of the people this new center will help. Its not too late to donate your money or time this year to people in need!


New Website Release! A Return to Classic KNIGHT

Saturday, September 13, 2008

. . .
After weeks of design the new site is finally complete!
. . .

2008 Ross Oscar Knight Photography Site (click image to view)

I launched my very first website in 2005. It took me about a week to design the basic site to show off my portfolio. No flash pages or scrolling images. No music or multiple links. No subscriptions or slideshows. Back then it was all about the pictures. I always enjoyed how clean and visually stimulating the site was.

2005 Ross Oscar Knight Photography Site

For the 2008 site, I took inspiration from the 2005 site. I decided to go back to classic KNIGHT.
Of course the new site has a few more bells and whistles.

. . .

Larger Viewing Area

Updated Navigation

Embedded Slideshows

Press Section

Dedicated Client Area

External Links

Direct Online Booking

Multiple Subscription Options

. . .

We'll be adding more features in the next few months including new images. I hope you enjoy!



Friday, September 12, 2008

We would like to notify you that there will be a planned maintenance performed to launch our new website and increase the performance of our email service this weekend September 12 - 14, 2008.

During this maintenance window some of our clients may not be able to access their online galleries or view our website for a short period. Thank you for your patience during this time. We look forward to serving you better as a result. If you do have any concerns or questions you can contact our office at 404.691.5930.

Our BLOG will not be affected by the maintenance.


Ross Oscar Knight

(Re-post) Represent Your City, State, Country - Why Should We Come Visit??!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've had the pleasure to travel throughout most of the U.S. over the past 5 years and have found something unique (or not) about every place I have visited. Now I am tackling countries outside of the U.S. one by one.

So I thought I would give all of my blog readers the chance to plead your case as to why you love (or despise...) where you currently live?! I'd like to hear about places near your place of residence that are a "must see" or "must do."

I'll start with the first post...


Revenge of the Boys

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Most of you know that I grew up with 5 sisters. That gave me a really unique view of the world as a youngster. 1. Dating in high school and college was easy. I just listened to the complaints, needs, and wants of my sisters, and made sure to incorporate all of the good stuff I heard in my own relationships. You could say they made me the perfect gentleman.

I have one brother and I always wanted more. That's one of the reasons I joined a fraternity. Now that all of my siblings are getting to the child-bearing age, there is a new trend --- Boys!!!!

My brother has a son, my younger sister has a son, and now my older sister is 5.5 months pregnant with....drum roll please.....a BOY! I wish they were twin boys. So, the males are making a comeback within my family, and I can't wait to see the young men grow up and stake their claim. Three down and two to go.


Happy 6 Month Anniversary to Dr. and Mr. KNIGHT

Hey, I can swallow my pride. My wife was in school for like 20 years! She's got a higher degree than me.

Today is our 6 month anniversary and I'd like to say that I married the most beautiful woman in the world. I thank God for our love. For any of you that have ever met Dr. KNIGHT - you know how lucky I am. If you've spent time with the two of us together you know that I light up when she is around.

We've grown even closer in these last 6 months. So many of you have been part of our growth. Thanks for all of the advice and the prayers. Please note - we are still waiting on a new couch!

It's even easier shooting weddings now that I am married. I get to talk to my clients all about what to expect and I am so familiar with the nervous yet positive energy of planning a wedding and starting a new life with someone. The weddings are even more special when Brandi and I shoot together. I get to relive the most magical day of my life looking at my wife while one of our clients is walking down the aisle to get her groom.

Thank God for love! It just makes you feel complete.