Monday, January 1, 2007

photojournalism [foh-toh-jur-nl-iz-uhm]
n. Journalism in which a news story is presented primarily through photographs with supplementary written copy.

- WordNet(r) 2.1, (c) 2005 Princeton University

Ross Knight is most well-known for his unique style of producing breathtaking, candid images. His style is best described as lifestyle photojournalism. He uses an unobtrusive approach in order to relax his clients and capture the pure emotion and joy that innately exists in any given situation. Don't be surprised to see him perched on a balcony, peering from behind a stairwell, or kneeling in the middle of the dance floor to find the perfect composition.

Ross specializes in location and outdoor photography, a talent that often requires him to rely upon natural light. "I like to use natural light to preserve natural skin tones, highlights and shadows. This light gives me the versatility to create dramatic still and subtle motion portraits. I simply move my subjects around our shoot location until I find the perfect lighting scenario. When Mother Nature agrees, the resulting pictures are just awesome! At a moments notice I have been known to take my clients under bridges and behind abandoned buildings for ideal lighting and striking backdrops."

Still, Ross embraces any unfamiliar environment and uses his style of photojournalism to flatter his subjects with their own natural grace. Truly, Ross is an industry leader that is taking photojournalism to another level.

"The difference between a good picture, a great picture and a timeless memory can be a tenth of a second. I am always ready to go above and beyond to document the memories that will be shared with future generations of your family for years to come. I encourage my clients to relax and be themselves. Typically 15 minutes into a photoshoot, I am viewed by my clients as a friend who just happened to show up at their event with a camera."

There is no second guessing Ross' commitment to quality and professional service. He uses the finest technology in Canon photography equipment, Epson printing materials and intel-based Apple computers. When his clients receive their final picture product, most are astonished by the details of the day they themselves have missed. Even more, they are impressed with the superior service and priceless keepsakes synonymous with the KNIGHT experience.

style [stahyl]
n. a particular, distinctive, or characteristic mode or form of construction or execution in any art or work.

Take time today to review the love and lifestyle portfolio and decide if KNIGHT style is right for you.


Photo Booth Chick said...

Hey Ross!

Your site is awesome! I already subscribe, rss, and will follow you. yes, i am an amateur photographer. I just want to know what camera did you upgrade to??
Did you jump ship to Nikon or did you grab the 5D Mark II??

Jackie from the Fan Club! hhahah

Marlo said...

I love your work and your slideshows are the best. You have inspired me to want to try photography. My 22 year old daughter was very impressed. She loved the slideshow of Robert Gray and Keisha Williams. That slideshow made her want to live in that fairy tale theme. I just absolutly love you!!!