Touch down!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I wrote this blog entry last night and forgot to hit the "publish" tab before I fell asleep.

I just touched down in Vegas and I am gearing up for the engagement session tomorrow at Lake Las Vegas and the wedding this weekend at Dragon Ridge. When I left Atlanta I wasn't looking forward to the 4 hour flight to the West Coast. Lucky for me I was upgraded to first class on Delta so I slept like a baby the entire way out. After so many bad airport experiences and airplane landings it was a relief to be welcomed by short security lines and a smooth ride. This is my 2nd trip out to Vegas this year and I have have 2 more to go. I rented a car this go around and now I actually know where I am driving while off The Strip!

Look out for the pictures of the engagement session tomorrow. I've got some cool ideas I want to try.