A Bride For All Seasons Wrap Up

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I actually forgot to post a few images from the Bridal Event we participated in at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta last month. We met so many wonderful brides looking to find a photographer to capture their special day. Here's my team hard at work!

photo above courtesy Jaxon Photography

photo above courtesy Jaxon Photography


Ross Oscar Knight - Destination Wedding Photographers



Anonymous said...

i see me!! --cho

KNIGHT said...

Hey ChoFlo now Sass...everyone loved that pic!


clo said...

WOW, what a fantastic display of art!!!! I am sooo proud of your dream!!!! Look at Brandy working the crowd! SIMPLY INSPIRED!!!

Anonymous said...

So Ross, I guess now you're booked up through 2011 right? Because I know not one bride could leave there and not book with you. No one will do a better job of capturing those precious moments.

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say that I am always blown away at your images and your testimony.

I am a photographer as well (I know you here this all the time) and I pray that the Lord will use me mightly to capture the essential moments of the people that entrust me with their beloved occasions.

I thank Jesus for you and I pray that you and your wife will do exceedingly and abundantly all that you could ever ask or imagine through our Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ. Amen!


Angel said...

That is a great display of your work.

Anonymous said...

Boy you shollll make me proud!

I love your work and you continuously inspire me to work harder.

One of your supporters!

Anonymous said...

Go Team Go!!!Ohhhhh my gosh, you guys look great! Congrats on the wonderful display..I know people were so excited to meet you guys..
And I saw myself too...I'm blushing...I love it!

Keep being blessed! Fabulous work as always!!!I keep re-living the moments with your exciting blogs..


Lisa M. McGainey said...

I love your billboard photographs. It's inspiring that Brandi is right there besides you. You guys all look great.