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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm back!!!

Random fact: Before every location research trip my face looks serious, exactly like it is pictured below.

(self portraits by KNIGHT - elapsed 10 second timer - 4/8/2009 6:30 PM)

If you come out with me on one of these trips you'll definitely get the KNIGHT stare a time or two. Some people around me actually think I'm upset with them or I've had my bike stolen by a neighbor. Others think that I forgot to eat breakfast or lunch (high probability) and I'm wondering when I'll partake in my next meal. Maybe them!

That's where Brandi typically comes in handy if she's with me. She continues to look like a normal person (smiling and waving) while I go about planning where and how I'm going to shoot for the day. I really can't help it since I'm an artist. When I initially contemplate a composition and scan an area for the best lighting I zone out. I've been called a walking zombie. If you ask me a question during my research time I'll either have to write it down or ask you 10 times what you said. I don't feel my phone vibrate, I don't hear loud noises, and I don't observe posted signs that I really should. Within minutes I usually have my game plan together and like clockwork I snap out of my daze and its back to nice cordial KNIGHT.

For me, its good to get my research out of the way before the client arrives. I like to make several trips if possible to observe different lighting situations. When this isn't possible, I just make sure to arrive early and predict as best I can where the light will fall/move based on my mental compass.

Today I went on a location research trip for an engagement session I am shooting tomorrow (uhh, later today). I don't always document my trips but since the new workshop is coming up in June I thought I'd add more new material to the presentation. That paragraph above was a freebie!

Even though the economy is slow, there are still lots of construction projects in Atlanta with no end in sight. I stumbled upon this awesome area (hard hat please):

And this one too!

My client's favorite color is orange so this will be perfecto!

I hung out for about 30 minutes to watch the sunset. Slowly the intensity of the sun decreased as it dipped below the trees and then sank below the horizon. The side of the building had boarded windows that I hid with the angle of of my camera. As soon as the contrast of the orange wall lessened, I took this shot to reveal the slight tint of blue on the window frames.

This shoot tomorrow is going to be awesome! Blog you later...


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Renee said...

Thoroughly enjoyed ever picture .Blessings to you.

Lechelle said...

I can't wait to see the finish product.

Teka-Ann Haynes said...

You know Im not quite sure what your biggest asset in your business is, but I will say that your passion is awesome and so is your eye. However, you take your business seriously and thats something I think a lot of photographers are missing. Education is never out for the Pro and you go to this place wayyyyy before its time to shoot, study it, you know your clients fav color, and you even stick around for sunset in order to get the contrast of the oranges. You really are the bomb Ross. I love it. Im inspired. Thats amazing customer service. Continue to autograph your work with excellence. Say hi to Brandi for us.

Simi said...

Very very nice location here Ross! I did go location scouting the other day...thanks to your recommendation. Oh by the way the colors of that place is amazing!

Dawn said...

Hey Ross, I know exactly what you mean! I go thru the same thing when I go see a venue for the 1st time. I have a good friend who's a photog and she completely gets it. Only difference, she talks her way thru and I'm as quiet as a church mouse! Let me just say the orange wall looks amazing, tell her to being something dark blue. Oh and you're working that trench, I see you;)

Troy said...

Dude, thanks for all the pointers and tips to how you go about doing your business. It has been really helpful in my learning curve or shall I say learning slope (smile)! Keep Roking it out bruh..you are an incredible inspiration...but why do you have to be 6 years younger than me....LOL!? I'm not madd though!!

Susan said...

Ross, I'm in agreement with the bloggers before me. Your approach to a new job totally awesome.

And your eye..totally a God given talent...I'm thankful for the tips on research and plan to use it very soon.

Samuel Jordon II said...


I'm here in KCMO area and I must say that we are alike in most respects. Photography is part of my DNA and I take any photography session seriously. The best compliments come from clients who can see our passion. Keep up the good work and maybe one day our paths will cross.