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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The pictures below remind me of an interesting time period in my life - college. Recently, I skipped my every two week routine of cutting my own hair to visit an old barber friend that I have known since 1997. The experience really brought back some good and bad memories. If you know anything about a barbershop or a hair salon then you know that when it comes to conversation - anything goes. Lauren (our intern) came along with me for the ride because I promised that I was going to give her a true experience this summer not just editing and shooting in the office. To date, her internship has been like a reality show starring (drum roll please) Ross Oscar Knight. I'm sure she will write a tell all book one day and shame me for good. So will Anna Beth. Anyways, back to the barbershop. While sitting in the chair I was contemplating personal responsibility. If you read my post, 30 Things About Me, back in April then you know that I cut hair in the bathroom dorms to get through school. Once I lost my scholarship from NASA at Georgia Tech, taking control of my life and academic survival became a very serious obligation.

I've been part of a few leadership programs in the past and I have also held my fair share of leadership positions. So when I was first contacted through Facebook by Erin Anthony (The Anthony Group) about her upcoming book (Leadership Rockstars), it was my thought that she would interview me about my photography business. What I didn't know was that she had quite a different spin on the subject of leadership. Erin and her husband are active in educational consulting and she wanted to speak with me about how my former collegiate leadership roles have contributed to my success today. During the interview we spoke candidly about the attributes and challenges of a leader and how college students should prepare for their future. One story that I related to Erin was about the barbershop and cutting hair in those smelly dormitory bathrooms to make enough money for food, gas, books, and tuition. Yesterday as I was browsing the web I noticed that Erin did a post about our interview and I am so humbled by her comments.

The PURPOSE of my company is to Build Community Through Photography. The VISION of my company is "...the key is to love what you see."

I decided to contribute my story to the Anthony Leadership Book because Adrian and Erin are a wonderful couple with a dynamic vision. I feel they are Building Community and I also Love What I See as I have learned more about them through the web. Check out their site some time and be inspired!

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Kimberly said...

It is amazing how you are not ashamed to share moments in your life that others would consider rather embarrassing. I think hiding such things is a way of attempting to hide suseptabilities or weaknesses... my oh my if we don't all try to hide some really unflattering moments and paint a constant pretty picture of ourselves. You are not ashamed to put it all out on the table! I am learning to do the same, and quite honestly, I find myself smiling and sometimes even laughing at many past circumstances with others. I find that it unloads my Spirit, gives the enemy less power, makes me lighter, and frees me up to focus on what is ahead and live by the true meaning of what you see is what you get. Thank you Ross for your approach to life, it is beautiful!

Shaneka said...

That's a touching story. I think everybody has to go through some trials and tribulations to get where they are today. Trust me I'm still going through my trials and tribulations and hopefully one you'll see my designs someday. Keep up the good work R.O.K!

Alesia said...

Great story Ross and great work you are doing.

Erin Shell Anthony said...

Thanks for the shout Ross! Your story and message is so inspirational, I'm sure it's going to encourage so many people. Thanks again for joining us on this project, it was a pleasure interviewing you!

Yonnie3k said...

Ross, you R.O.K. (lol, couldn't resist). But you truly are an inspiration.