KNIGHT Gallery Welcomes our First Artist - Lesley Ann Price (6.23 - 8.25)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Earlier this year I gave a presentation for the Women In Focus Group. After the talk I met Lesley and felt that I was in the presence of a kindred spirit. We've kept in touch and talked for months about a future collaboration. She will now be our first showcased artist at the KNIGHT Gallery (659 Auburn Ave, Studio G3). Read below to view her artist statement and mark your calendars for the Friends and Family Event (June 23, 2012  6PM to 9PM) and Opening Reception (June 30, 2012  1PM to 8 PM).

“the other south”
South Africa is a multicultural, multilingual country of great contrasts. Hidden within its many cultures, diversities, oral histories and unique landscapes lie a photographers dream.
Caring profoundly for the country where I was born, I choose to document specific aspects of life in South Africa that holds meaning for me. This may include individuals, community or political issues. Aspects of time and presence seem to be a common thread inherent in my work.   
I became both a photographer and an encaustic artist about ten years ago. My visits to my home country, as I observe the progress and pain in this place of great flux and rebirth, seems always to renew my sole.
I include script and indexical markings amongst the visual images, usually poetry, texts and authentic stamp markings which belong to the narrative I am attempting to portray.
The photographs are produced in my own darkroom and are Silver Gelatin Prints. 
Lesley Ann Price
Poetry by Alicia Thomas Woolf