Mohawk Monday - Addy Investigates How She Earned Her Stripes

Monday, April 8, 2013

This morning I did Addison's hair. She was handed to me with this outfit and she decided to investigate.

Me: Addison, look at daddy so I can take your picture. Look this way.

Addy: No daddy! Wait. I think my body has been taken over by stripes! I think there are aliens living in our house!

Me: Its your outfit. The stripes are not permanent.

Addy: I'm confused. Aren't I cute enough without these things. What about my hair. Who did that?

Me: Well...

Addy: I need to investigate this situation.

Me: Oh, its ok baby. Let's go to school now. I took your picture already.

Addy: It was you wasn't it? You did this to me. You put these stripes on my body and brushed my hair into a mohawk!

Me: But baby, you are so cute! I did your hair. Those stripes came from your mother...

Addy: She wouldn't do this. I know. I think I know. Someone has to pay for this.

Me: Who me?

Addy: There will be no sleep for YOU, MOMMY, or BAUER tonight. Now if only I could stand up and get to you before you move away.

Me: I do love you!

Addy: Yeah, yeah. I'm getting older now and this sweet talk is doing the same.



Simi said...

She is too cute and gorgeous! Love the dialogue.

lpurifoy73 said...

I love this conversation with you and Addison! Too cute! Such beautiful pictures!

Sonia said...


Anonymous said...

her facial expressions fits the dialoge, too cute