Love, Marriage and ......Babies?

Friday, February 2, 2007

It is now that time in my life. As I approach the ripe young age of 30, several of my friends are getting married and having children. I am not only shooting weddings but I am also the best man. When I check my email for new clients I find baby shower e-vites.

Last week, I visited two college friends of mine. Jerald and Adria Gaines. They have a beautiful house (that they built themselves.... correction....that Adria built) in Atlanta and are sure to have a beautiful child also. Jerald and I used to study together when we were at Morehouse College. Adria is one of the first friends I gained at Georgia Tech. Rumor has it that I introduced these two love birds. All that siad, the baby shower was fun! Friends, family, food, games...who could ask for more?

You can see a house that Adria's company, Build Forward, built here:

Check out a few of the Baby Shower pics below....