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Saturday, February 3, 2007

So this is my third post tonight....or should I say this morning?

Some people ask me what am I thinking about when I shoot pictures. They just stop me in the middle of a picture and ask "What are you doing...why are you on the ground...can you see with your camera up side down?" I usually answer by saying...colors, shapes, images, light....etc.

I thought about this tonight when I looked at this picture of me taken by my assistant during a shoot. I placed myself back in that moment.

The real answer is simple ....I am capturing the world as God has given me eyes to see it. I think about how the world is a beautiful creation and we are all blessed just to be living here. We are all part of God's creation and as long as I am blessed with eyes to see and hands to hold my camera, I will be capturing the visions that God has given me. Everyday that I wake up, I experience the world in my own unique way.

Last week while driving with a friend, I asked her..."What do you see ahead of you?" She said, "The road." I began to tell her of all the interesting objects that I typically observe while driving. Dangerous, right? Well, when I was a broke college student, I would drive around just for fun....for hours. Sometimes I would drive around the city and other times I would drive as far as my gas would allow. These were my trips away from my reality. Back then I had a small 35mm camera but I would still take pictures of everything I saw. It was like therapy to me. I would take my images to be developed and then ponder for hours. "Who lived here 100 years ago?" "How old are these trees?" "Who owns this land?" "Where did that come from?"

I don't have as much time to drive around as I used to but I still use my inquisitive mind to capture special pictures. I am a photographer that looks for images that others may miss. What makes me different than any other photographer? Nothing, except that there is not another Ross on earth that has the same passion and skills that God has blessed me with. And as long as I am alive I will use my gift to His glory.

Anyways, that's it. Just some thoughts. Had to jot them down.

By the way, the picture above also made me think...where in the world did all of that equipment come from?



Anonymous said...

Ross I am impressed with your success. I have always known that you would be GREAT in what you do. Your website is wonderful I was amazed with your immaculate work. Keep up the good work and always keep God first.

Nina Mitchell Johnson