2008 Lifestyle Sessions - A Date with KNIGHT!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

When was the last time you had great photographs taken of you and your loved one(s)? Was it at a party with friends, on vacation in the Caribbean, or relaxing at home in sweats? Candid pictures have replaced posed studio portraits in picture frames at homes across the world. Most people generally take good photos when they are having fun or in a comfortable environment. The laughter and expressions just look more natural.

Our newest product offering comes from the idea that photography should actually be fun! Many people find portrait sessions to be mundane and cringe at the thought of those old high school and college yearbook photos. Say goodbye to cramped studios, bright lights, and textured backdrops. Our newly themed photo shoots are out of this world!! We have taken our traditional outdoor Lifestyle Sessions to a new level of excitement and possibilities!

Our Mission: Transform your usual candid pictures into professional quality keepsakes.

Our Strategy: Take you on a date with KNIGHT.

Since photojournalism is at the heart of our business, we’ve created themed photo shoots to document you having the time of your life! Check out a few of the available themes and come up with some of your own! Imagine the countless possibilities… imagine your next date with KNIGHT.

Currently Available Themes

The City Couple, Love at First Sight, Old Town Glory, UpScale, Adventure, Family Companion, A Beach Sensation, The Vineyard, Top Chef, Relaxing on the Porch, Boat Ride, Shop-a-holic, Castle of Dreams, Land Escape, Back to Reality, My Garden, Dinner for Two, Dance, Tickets for Two, The Back Alley, A Walk in the Park, Rags to Riches, Seasons, A Winter Wonderland, Just the Two of Us, These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things