Keeping Me Honest - 1st Quarter Check Up

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

At the beginning of this year I did a post titled, "Still The Same Source of My Success." During my workshops this year I have continued to stress the importance of setting goals and actually achieving them. Without the stretch goals and business plan that I put together 5 years ago, my goal of leaving Corporate America to become a full-time photographer would have never been actualized.

So to keep me honest this year, I am keeping up with some of my goals (quarterly) publicly as they happen. Wish me luck!

Pray (Every Day!)
I'm getting Married! (Married!)
3 New Workshops (2 Done)
8 New Publications (5 Done)
3 New Radio Shows (1 Done)
5 New Articles (1 Done)
1 New Sponsorship (Pending)
Website (Just you wait!)
10 New Countries (1 Done)
1 New Airline (Booked)
Start 1 New Book (Started)
1 New House?
Breast Cancer Initiative
Run 1 Race (or 2)

Feel free to share some of your goals and we will keep each other honest!




Anonymous said...

Mr. Knight, you are truly a great talent.

Anonymous said...

Ross, I learn so much from seeing your incredible work. I can't WAIT to be in your presence at the workshop!!! You have such an amazing eye, sense for detail and a true mastery of light! God bless you!
P.S. The wedding band is nice, too!

---- Deitra 8^)

Anonymous said...

I'm a frequent visitor to your site and I'm mesmerized every time I stop by. It touches my heart to see someone who loves what they do. Fear of failure has kept me from attempting to pursue my passion. I read your post and think, why not me? It helps me understand that with prayer and handwork, I can accomplish my dreams. I just want to say, keep achieving your goals and inspiring others to do the same!!!!!!

Michelle B.

Anonymous said...

I'm a frequent visitor to your site and I'm mesmerized every time I stop by. It touches my heart to see someone who loves what they do. Fear of failure has kept me from attempting to pursue my passion. I read your post and think, why not me? It helps me understand that with prayer and handwork, I can accomplish my dreams. I just want to say, keep achieving your goals and inspiring others to do the same!!!!!!

Michelle B.

Anonymous said...

Habakkuk 2:2 teaches us to "...write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that read it." You are a source of inspiration to me. I too aspire to leave Corporate America but I have not written the vision, its all head knowledge at this point. I've got to write it out for sake of sanity and accountability. Thanks again Ross for being transparent.

KNIGHT said...


So good to hear from you and glad to see we are on the same page:

I'm looking forward to hearing your success story and rejoicing with you that you once reached your goals also.


Anonymous said...

Always on time...I am currently reading Visioneering by Andy Stanley. I have so may ideas and so many visions and I want to focus on what God truly desires for me to do. Thanks for being another confirmation!


Anonymous said...

I think I need to do like you and put my goals up that way I can keep myself in check.

I am about to complete one of my goals and that is finishing esthetic school and obtaining my license.

Two others are to write my second novel and start on a memoir.

Congrats on the dedication and taking action to complete your goals!

Teka-Ann Haynes said...

Man, Ross... I can not begin to tell you how blessed I am by ur blog. Im sitting here in tears because Im so grateful for this timely Word. I read your blog and was so encouraged and PUSHED by it. I am a woman of big dreams, hard work, and visions, but Ive never written it down. Funny thing is three and half years ago when I attended my first American Association for Cancer Research meeting that is what I left the meeting with - 'Write the vision.' Then I came back to the hustles and bustles of lab work and forgot about. Today I spoke with a graduate of Loma Linda who was encouraging me the use the tools that God has blessed my husband and me with and make big things happen. Ive been in reflective mode since then and was am here waiting for time to pass so I can go to my Student Government meeting and visited your blog, and here it is. WOW! It got deeper when I read the comments and saw photogenic's reminder - Hab 2:2. All I can say is "my God, my God! You are an on time God." Ross, please continue to pray, yes everday, and to be used by God. THANK YOU for allowing yourself to be used.

clo said...

Hey Ross,

Here are mine:

1. Read the bible at least once daily.

2. Spend more quality time with my son. Leave work at work and be PRESENT in his presence.

3. Leave Corporate America by the time my son is 8... he is 6!

4. Learn everything I can in the next 2 years to make my LEAP into my own business a successful one!

5. I worry ALOT so I have to remember my daily affirmation:
Matthew 6:25 - 34

6. Learn everything there is to know about the 40D!!!!!

Help keep me on track... this is such an awesome journey He is taking me on!

Anonymous said...

Wow! As someone has previously said, you are truly an inspiration. I am an avid viewer of your website and am enamoured by your artistic talent!! Lord willing, I will get to come to one of your workshops one day! I admire your stand for Christ and am positive that he will bless you as you are obedient to his call upon your life. Thank you for the challenge to be steadfast in prayer to the Lord. Have an amazing day!

Teka-Ann Haynes said...

Ross, what does the nunber 3 on the back of ur shirt signify?

KNIGHT said...


Good question!

Ross Oscar Knight, Sr (1)

Ross Oscar Knight, Jr (2)

Ross Oscar Knight, III (3)

I'm the 3rd!


Teka-Ann Haynes said...

Thats what you call Power! I believe in the power of names and tradition. We'll talk about that another time.

Natarsha said...

Hi Ross! The steps of a righteous man are ordered and God is fulfilling his promises for the goals you have set according to his will. I am so excited for you!

My Goals are:
-To get closer to God
-Pray and meditate on his word
-Be a blessing to others
-Read more photography books
-Upgrade my camera to a Canon 5D
-Take more pictures daily/weekly
-Go on a missions trip
-Book at least 6 clients
-Publish an E-book of my experience in South Korea
-Step out on faith and pursue photography full-time in 2009
-Seek assistant photographer positions, so I can gain more experience and exposure

That is it for now, but I know that it will change later on in the year...Thanks for helping keep me honest!

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for having the courage to accept God's will for your life and inspiring others to do the same. Just a few of my goals are:

1. To commit to daily meditation
2. Learning more about photography
3. To commit to taking one photograph daily
4. Avoiding procrastination

Continue to be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Knight. When you initially posted your 2007 blessings and 2008 goals, I was truly inspired and decided to do the same...below are mine...

I graduated
Accepted into VCU residency
Moved to VA
Passed the NAPLEX on 1st try
Passed VA law on 1st try
Passed LA law on 1st try
Awarded KE and APhA honors
Family able to see graduate
Able to fly willy nilly
Able to go home for holidays

-Get a job that pays well, fulfilling, and enjoyable
-Job has people that are the above as well
-Move to a city and state that I enjoy and will be able to make my home
-Meet and form a relationship with a young man that will be it
-Make/keep friends that will be long-lasting
-Find a church in the city listed above that I love and enjoy the same as if not more than FABC
-Start dancing again (accomplished)
-Get financially stable
-Purchase 1st vehicle
-Start putting a dent in student loans

Latrice Furlow said...

I would like to first say that you are an EXTRA-ordinary man! I am inspired every time that I visit your blog. My short term goals are as follows:
1. Strengthen my relationship with God
2. Strengthen my relationship with my husband (of two weeks this past Friday)
3. Save at least $2000 for my business account
4. Make it to the July workshop
5. Get some classes as well as OTJT to strengthen my photography
6. Surround myself with others that share my passion
7. Pursue photography full time in 2009
8. Get financially stable
9. Buy a car
10. Buy another camera
11. Get healthy

That is about half of the list that I have for myself. I would like all that read my post to pray for me that the Lord shows me what he would have me to do with the talent he has blessed me with and that I hear Him when He speaks.

Be blessed the New Mrs.Toron Howard

Pru said...

Love it. Your blog is so inspritional. I finally finished my 2008 goals and now redoing my 5 year plan.

In 2008 I plan to,

--Have family worship
--Become a faithful giver
--Be on time
--Take and pass (on the 1st try) the probability actuary exam
--Start taking pictures again(thanks for the inspiration-I've already pulled out the camera)
--Stop dressing like a schlumpadinka (In progress)
--Master my financial life (already in progress)
--Make more money and spend less so that I can become...
--Become debt free! (in progress)
--Make my son a BIG brother

07 was a purge, I got rid of so much personal baggage. 08 will be great...I can feel it.

Pru said...

Hey Ross,

How did you get that photo? Obviously you didn't take it but how is is done? The light on you is quite a contrast to the lighting in the background. There is so much detail on the subject (you) but the background lighting is bright, yet it has not affected the lighting on you. Was this editing, a good camera, lens, or a great photographer? Can you post the original picture?

Thanks for being a life teacher.

KNIGHT said...

Hey Prudi Pru,

Sounds like your year is off to an amazing start! Glad to hear that your old baggage is a thing of the past. This shot was taken by my wife, Mrs. KNIGHT. Not too much post production here. Using a low aperture and levels to deepen the blacks and blow the background further out was key.


Unknown said...

Well hello there! Great post about goal-setting. I totally agree with you, goals are great motivators for success! my attempt to be more goal-oriented this year, I have made some goals for myself also. Here are a few...

*Go to law school (DONE! I GOT IN)
*Get a scholarship (DONE!)
*Keep said scholarship! (A work in progress)
*Lose 50 lbs (18 down...)
*Finish my CD (a few tracks away!)
*Become DEBT FREE!
*Go sky-diving, para-sailing, zip-cording or some other CRAZY-adventurous activity to make me appreciate life more (working up the nerve on this...)

Thanks for the motivation!

Deewonda said...

D'OH! Forgot to leave (a few of) my 2008 goals:

Attend the Knight Photography Workshop and use what I learn

Visit my grandkids on my granddaughter's 1st
birthday, the day before mine -- and take MAD PICS!

Go on 2nd Caribbean cruise

Stay on top of the business end of my photography business so next tax year won't be so TAXING!!

Not-So-Long-Term Goal: Self-employed full-time photographer and direct sales professional

"To thine ownself be true and it must follow as the night, the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."