For Sale (Out w/ The Old in With The New)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My House...its true, I am selling my house.

But first I am selling some of my equipment since I have recently upgraded to new gear. I keep all of my equipment in great condition. Actually its like new. I've been promising for the longest that I would put this equipment up for grabs so before I place it on eBay I thought I would give any beginning photographers a crack at it.




Unknown said...

If I wasn't a Nikon lover I would purchase those lenses.

John "Kato" Akingbola AKA Mr.Sticks said...

Gone with old stuff! So what's the new gear?

Anonymous said...

If I were ready to convert from to Canon, I'd take you up on this! However, I'm a Nikon lover. What a great opportunity for someone. You're a good guy ROK. Don't post this :0)

Anonymous said...

So what did you upgrade too my friend? Did you get the Canon 5D or the Mark 1. Both are a nice piece of equipment. I'm still using an old 20D and I love it.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming you will get the much rumored Mark II in the fall, correct? If so will you part with your 5D or keep it as a backup?