The Castle on The Coast - Ghana West Africa

Friday, December 26, 2008

Here are more pictures from the slave castle tour that Brandi and I did on Christmas. We learned some really interesting facts and absorbed as much info as we could. The tour started with a viewing of the gallery where we learned about the origins of slavery and the battles during the slave trade. Then we had the opportunity to stand in a piece of a ship. Last we walked through the actual holding areas for slaves before they were shipped to South America, North America and The Caribbean. As I stood with my group in the dark underground rooms lit by only one window my eyes began to fill with tears. History. If you ever come to Ghana this is a must see place. We were almost speechless after the experience.


Ross Oscar Knight



Mac said...

Hey Ross Thanks for sharing these photos . That is really dark . Also i wanted to share i lil bit of history that was told me by Reverend who now preaches here Barbados but came from Ghana . He told me that most of the African slaves in his country were shipped to Barbados . I Love the Pictures .

smitty said...

Great shots Ross! Interesting irony in the last image eh? "Freedom & Justice".

clo said...

These are really nice photos. I am sure that was REALLY emotional. I hope I can get there some day!

Nee said... pics.

Natarsha said...


KNIGHT said...

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Anonymous said...

I love your black and white photographs. Your pictures tell a very vivid story. You capture the essence of the pictures with the natural lighting, and artificial lighting would do your pictures an unjust service. Beautiful work!!!