Our First Christmas Married - The Re-discovery of Our History

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Today Brandi and I celebrated our first Christmas together as a married couple! We're in Ghana with no family here but our friends have definitely made us feel at home. After breakfast we drove out to the Cape Coast and toured the Slave Castle. It is estimated that over 2 million people from Ghana were sold or forced into slavery. I will admit that this was an incredibly moving experience and I will share many pictures and stories soon. Much more than I can pull together right now. We were working video and still shots to capture as much as we could.

Until then, I hope that you enjoyed your day and will blog you soon!


Ross Oscar Knight



Mac said...

Merry Christmas Ross & Brandi Hope you enjoyed your day

Anonymous said...

love the kids on the canoe!

can't wait to chat properly!

enjoy the experience!

Lisa M. McGainey said...

Merry Christmas guys. Wishng you so many more.


1i_Studios said...

Merry Christmas to you and Dr. Knight!

haastaa said...

Merry Xmas Ross & Brandi.
I'm challenged by your works,
i'm a part-time photographer in Nigeria (Lagos is 45 mins for Accra by air).

Make sure you visit Elmina Castle & Kankun Forest reserves.

Wish you a greatly prosperous 2009

Troy said...

Man...Big Ups to you and Dr. Mrs. I hope your first Christmas as hubby and wifey was spectacular! Being the people that I know you to be, I am guessing that it is the favorite holiday of both of you because you are so giving! I am sure Ghana is incredible!!

Simi said...

Hey Ross, I knew you guys would just love it in Ghana! I am glad you are having fun and capturing some amazing images and video!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, if you loved Ghana and its culture and Diversity, you should definately have a look in CAPE VERDE islands, My country, where caribbean meets africa and Europe :)! AMAZING country, culture, food and PEOPLE.