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Sunday, March 1, 2009

You would think after this post that we have nothing better to do with our time except for playing in the snow. Like we have no weddings or editing to do? The truth is, frolicking outside in the 'once a year' Atlanta snow is exactly what we do to keep ourselves sane! With two weddings and an engagement session this month, we are busy editing the remainder of our shoots to get ready for a marathon season of nuptials that stretches from Atlanta to California to Chicago to New York to North/South Carolina to Miami to Jamaica to Canada and hopefully back to Africa then London.

This weekend we decided it was best to stay home and start our Spring cleaning. Since our 1 year wedding anniversary is coming up next Monday (3/9/2009) it just seemed right to get down in the basement and rid ourselves of the old and then tidy up around the house. We even summoned the courage to buy a new couch after tossing out our dated coffee tables and mirror.

I had to make a run to Kinkos sometime today so when I woke up I immediately started planning how we could make it to church, the gym, a radio event, and then an associate dinner. When I opened my blinds I was surprised to see that the constant local news weather forecast this past week was correct. I had on short sleeves yesterday moving trash and today it was snowing. Not little flurries but actually snowing large flakes. I couldn't believe my eyes. I figured it would last for a few minutes but minutes turned to hours??

We drove to Kinkos and managed to survive/dodge the erratic driving behavior of Atlantans who seemed to think that the interstate had turned into the Indy racetrack. After making it safely downtown, I was able to get all of my printing done. We exited the building and decided we couldn't resist crossing the street and running out to the park. The rest is history.

I had my camera so we took turns taking pictures of our best MTV's Made - I Want to Be A Cheerleader impersonations. We have 4 Rounds for you to vote and declare a winner!

Age: 29
Weight: ? (Never tell a woman's weight)
Attire: Green Bucket Hat w/ Matching Peacoat
Special Threat: Cute Face and Pink Breast Cancer Rain Boots

Age: 29 (30 by 4/30/2009)
Weight: 175 lbs
Attire: Traditional Patented Black Photographer Jacket w/ Peanut Butter Timberlands
Special Threat: A Crazy Imagination and Magical Hat Purchased at Coldplay Concert

Round 1: KNIGHT vs. Dr. Mrs. KNIGHT (Sizing Up The Competition)

Round 2: KNIGHT vs. Dr. Mrs. KNIGHT (True Creative Form)

Round 3: KNIGHT vs. Dr. Mrs. KNIGHT (Show Some Personality)

Round 4: KNIGHT vs. Dr. Mrs. KNIGHT (Freestyle)

Judging should be based on style, creativity, form, personality, level of difficulty, and anything else you can think up. Pick only one winner per round. Feel free to give us scores of 1 - 10 per round. 10 is the highest score. We'll wait a few days to tally the scores and announce the winner!!


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Troy said...

Dude, things must have been really slow in the 'A' for you and Bran to be competing at cheerleading in the snow....wow! I will give it to you both though...wifey is a 'down chick' to be frolickin' in the snow. I don't know too many 'sistas' that would have been willing to jump out there like that.

Okay...on to the judging. I have the Dr. Mrs. taking round 2 and I have you taking rounds 1 and 4. Then, I have you dead even in round 3....therefore, I crown you Atlanta Cheer champ! What a great exercise! It fits the two of you to a tee!! Didn't know you were sooooo talented...all you needed were a set of pom poms and a mini skirt...LOL!

Saadia Me'Chel said...

The very first picture of your wife it too cute. Anyway, on to the rounds:

Round 1: Knight (7)
Round 2: Dr. Mrs. Knight (9)
Round 3: Knight (7)
Round 4: Knight (10)

I'll give your wife a 10 for that first picture... lol Looks like you guys had a lot of fun in the snow yesterday. I've been in GA all my life and its not everyday we get snow. Had to captialize on the opportunity to be a kid again. My boyfriend and I had a huge snowball fight and made snowmen!

David N. Beasley Jr. said...

First of all, you two are crazy. LOL!!! I have to give a BIG ups to my sis Brandi for her cheerleader moves and her A.K.A attire - 06!. Ross gets my vote for the cartwheel though; wish we could have seen the landing though.

Happy early anniversary Ross and Brandi!

SBrownART said...

Mrs. Knight wins with the cartwheel of Mr. Knight!

One vote for her!


Arlene Hope Photography said...

Ok....this was hard...but the cartwheel won me over.
Loved the Brandi free styles though, you go girl with your pea greens!

Winner---->Ross Knight Outstanding
with fabulous ONE HANDED cartwheel.


Arlene Hope Photography said...

I'm Back - following directions this time....got so excited about that One Hander Cart Wheel...

WARM-UP - First Photo - Winner --->Brandi -
Comments: Cute "It's snowing" happy expression.

Round 1 - Winner ----> Brandi indeed!
Comments: Adorable, Elf-like squat.

Round 2- Winner -----> Brandi again.
Comments: Magnificent Energetic Jump miles high off the ground!

Round 3 - Winner -----> IT'S A TIE!!!!
Comments: Both Photogs with exquisite creatively
in-the-air formations!

Round 4 - Winner ------> ROSS OSCAR KNIGHT.
Comments: Fan-tabulous formed ONE HANDED CARTWHEEL....each limb perfectly horizontal & vertical of the opposite limb. INCREDULOUS ACROBATICS INDEED.

~R O S S | O C S CA R | K N I G H T~

Teka-Ann Haynes said...

Firstly, you are shooting in California and Jamaica... thats whats UP! Have a BALL in Jamaica. Oh my... I hope you are shooting a wedding on the North Coast. U will have a BLAST with the Sunsets and the Water. JAMAICA JAMAICA! Welcome to JAMROCK! Let me know when you are going, how long you are going for, if you'll have any time for doing tourist stuff (which for me includes lots of local stuff), and if Brandi is going with you. I'll give you some suggestions of places to go and things to do in my Island home. Im going a couple of times this year starting this month.

To your pics:
1. Brandi wins. That may be b/c Im female and her poise is mighty cute. Gyasi says you win

2. Brandi wins. She looks like a cheerleader

3. Brandi wins. Ross, cheerleaders dont make those types of faces when they are cheering. LOL. And whats up with the fingers? LOL

4. Ross wins. No doubt... you took this one without a thought.

Funny pics.

Anonymous said...

Women rock....Rock On Dr. Mrs. Knight!!!

Aleshia Lamelle said...

#1- The Dr.- The Attitude!
#2- The Dr.- The Energy!
#3- The Dr. - The Style!!
#4- Knight- One hand? Crazy!!!

Loving it guys :)

Brandi Brandon Knight said...

AHHHH MAN!!! I knew the cartwheel would do it! BUT....who took that slammin' picture?! Yeah baby...action shot in the cold, without starbucks, with howling wind and with gloves!

I gotta pat myself on the back...

~Dr. Mrs.
P.S. Troy - you've been missin' out bruh. Snow, Belly dancers.... LOL!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the snow as much as you both did from these shots. Unfortunately, I had to shovel the stuff out my driveway. Muffin, you and Ross know how long that is.

Brandi wins all. Ross, I really have to give you kudos for that cartwheel. Outstanding!

Love u guys. As usual great pics. Now please provide me my copies.
... Dad

Anonymous said...

Round 1-Dr. Knight 7
Round 2-Dr. Knight 9
ROund 3-Dr. Knight 10
Round 4-Mr. Knight 10

Loooooove the pictures. YOu guys had a lot of fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Round 1-Dr. Knight 7
Round 2-Dr. Knight 9
ROund 3-Dr. Knight 10
Round 4-Mr. Knight 10

Loooooove the pictures. YOu guys had a lot of fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

How Fun! Snow is so pretty but I can't take the cold; I'd much rather look at it than play in it.

As for the results,


I love Brandi's pea coat and matching hat! So cute and stylish! The pink boots are an interesting touch.

Xiomara said...

round 1 - Dr. Mrs. Knight
round 2 - Dr. Mrs. Knight
round 3 - Knight
round 4 - Knight

Lechelle said...

You two are great. Here is how I scored each round.

Round 1 - Mr. Knight 6, Dr. Mrs. Knight - 4

Round 2 - Mr. Knight 6, Dr. Mrs. Knight - 9

Round 3 - Mr. Knight 5, Dr. Mrs. Knight - 7

Round 4 - Mr. Knight 10, Dr. Mrs. Knight 8

Arlene Hope Photography said...

Vote Ross! Vote Ross! Vote Ross! Vote Ross! Vote Ross!
But Brandi is right, she had a baaaaad trigger finger (smile)

Simi said...

I am glad someone likes it cold cuz I sure don't!

K here is my scoring:
Round 1: Ross wins!
Round 2: Mrs. Knight!
Round 3: Ross Wins!
Round 4: Mrs Knight!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are awesome. Gotta say round 2 to the little lady and I love the round 4 cartwheel Ross.

As always the colors are crisp and beautiful. You have an eye for the amazing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Alright...this was hard. Round one is hands down Mrs. Dr. Knight. The pose was very cute. Plus the coat and matching hat are pretty banging, so you have to give points. It was tough but I give rough two to Mrs. Dr. Knight too, gotta give points for the flexibility. 3 and 4 go to you Ross. The round 4 pose invoked thoughts of the movies Wild Style or Breaking...definitely fire.

Unknown said...

Way to go you two...I love this post. Brandi, you were ROK'n the green jacket and hat. Green is my favorite color.

Round 1: Ross-7 | Brandi-8
Round 2: Ross-8 | Brandi-10
Round 3: Ross-9 | Brandi-9
Round 4: Ross-10| Brandi-8

Anonymous said...

I Have to give the DR. Mrs a 10 on all rounds..... the cute coat, matching hat and pink boots did it for me.........
As for you Mr knight... it'll be a 8, 9 , 8, 10......
I think that's fair enough... :)

Anonymous said...

overall, it's a tie.
the attire (style & personality) goes to Dr. Mrs.
the level of difficulty and creativity goes to ROK.

hand over the hat and peacoat. that color is a must have!

Latrice Furlow said...

Ok on to the judging:
round one: brandi:10 too cute ross: 9

round two: brandi:10 very cheerleader ross: 9 NFL stance

round three: brandi:8 almost the same as r2 ross:10 very creative

round four: brandi:9 nice jump ross: 10 nice hand stand

You guys be blessed, safe, and sane. CONGRATS on the 1 year anniversary I will have mine two weeks later. Keep warm.

KNIGHT said...

Now that was a barehanded cartwheel. My hands were freezing. And I took off my big coat to make those moves. For some reason the Dr. Mrs. made everything seem effortless. Nevertheless, I was really concentrating on form! I only decided to post 4 rounds because if you see the rest of the pics you'll probably laugh until you cry. That was definitely a crazy afternoon. We had cars stopping in the street to watch what we were doing. Even a stray dog stopped for a while and took a seat!


Dawn said...

Round 1: Dr. Mrs. 9
Ross 8

Round 2: Dr. Mrs. 9
Ross 7

Round 3 Dr. Mrs. 10
Ross 9

Round 4 Dr. Mrs. 9
Ross 10

Dr. Mrs. had the edge with the green hat and coat to match my eyes! But no matter how you add it up you two are a perfect 10!:-)


Anonymous said...

What cute pictures. lol I think the Dr. Mrs takes all the rounds except the final one... who can compete with a one hand cart wheel... or whatever move that is. lol

I must admit I wish I hadn't chosen this particular day to visit your blog because now I am convicted about doing my own spring cleaning... I guess it's gotta be done. ::sigh:: Thanks a lot... lol

The Nappturous Diva said...

Ok - you guys are crazy! But it looks like you had too much fun!

Round 1 - Dr. Knight - loving the pink and green!!

Round 2 - Knight - you get points for creativity - don't think I've ever seen that pose before, lol!

Round 3 - Dr. Knight - perfect cheerleader pose!

Round 4 - Knight - that cartwheel is off the hook!

Thanks for making me laugh and for the great images!


Anonymous said...

How can I choose... without choosing?

I give props to the Dr. Mrs. for being a "Ride or Die" wife. I give props to Ross for having found a "Ride or Die" wife.

I give it a tie (was that PC enough without choosing a side?)

PS.. Ross did trump you with the one hand cart wheel. I knew he had some B-boy in him. Great shoot though Dr. Mrs.!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

okay! i've been putting this off. so hard to decide!

round 1 - brandi got it > 10.
round 2 - argghhh! love the intensity ross, but brandi's got hops....brandi > 10.
round 3 - tie. definitely > 10 & 10.
round 4 - hands down...literally - ross you rok'd that one > 10 & 10 again. (no risking frostbite dude! need those hands for the camera!)

okay - ready for the 70s in the a this weekend but i'll take another snow day!

happy anniversary!

: - )

Naijadiva said...

You guys are crazy...lol

Round 1.. Brandi got it... 10...Ross 8.25

Round 2..no contest.. Brandi... 10 for the Ann Taylor catalog pose, but Ross gets a 9.5 for the reverse Heisman

Round 3..Ross for the facial expressions and finger placement... 10...Brandi..8.75

Round 4 For the arctic cartwheel.. Ross.. 10...Brandi 9.65

Can't believe it's about a year for you two congrats!!

Lady A said...

I love you two!

Round 1: Brandi 9 Ross 3 (typical pose)

Round 2: Brandi 10! Ross 5 (sorry, but you look like Ryu from Street Fighter, not cute, lol)

Round 3: Brandi 9 (so cute) Ross (no points, you went from Street Fighter to Dance Fighter, sorry)

Round 4: Brandi 10 Ross 10

Lisa M. McGainey said...

TOO CUTE!! I wanna be where all the funs at and that's where you guys hang. Sorry, I choose Brandi, she' rockin' that green jacket!

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

One: Mrs. Knight
Two: Mrs. Knight
Three: Mrs. Knight
Four: ROK

Looks like soo much fun! Ahhh, to be 20 something again! :)

Kim said...

Great snow day pics

Kim said...

Mrs Knight's pics #3,#5,#7 are total GAP ADS.. Winner hands down, plus the green hat and coat kicks it up a notch...

Kerline Docteur said...

Wow this was a hard one! The photos are too cute and you can clearly see you were having a good ol' time in the freezing snow.

Round 1: ROK - 9
I loved DMK's pose, but you had the look that was like, "OH yeah?!?!...Well bring it!"

Round 2: Dr. Mrs. - 10
As a former cheerleader, I can appreciate a cute cheerleader jump.

Round 3: Dr. Mrs. - 9
Uh can you guys not mix the disco and the cheerleading! LOL

Round 4: ROK - 10
OK the one handed cartwheel was not fair Ross, but you nailed it.

So that leaves it at a tie! sorry!

HRenaissance said...

Alright, this was a tough one but...

Round 1: Brandi 10, totally adorable outfit
Round 2: Ross 8 for the mid-air almost Heisman pose
Round 3: Brandi 8
Round 4: Ross 10, rocked the hand stand

But really, Brandi gets an 11.5 for the awesome shots she took. Brandi school him please :o)

Happy Anniversary guys!

clo said...

Okay these are great and funny, you two are a riot!!!!! I would love to see what you all can do in some ChiTown snow!!!!

Round 1, 2, & 3...Dr Mrs!
ROund 4...Knight with the cartwheel hands down!!!

Luv all!!!

Zoma said...

Round 1:Dr Mrs Knight
Round 2:Dr Mrs Knight
Round 3:Dr Mrs Knight
Round 4: Knight!!!

Great Job!

Anonymous said...

Round 1-3: DMK for sure lol
Round 4: ROK definitely because I know that hand was about to freeze off