Chicago Here I Come!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fresh in from Florida and I'm already off to Chicago. Thanks to my buddy Clo I know I will be making a Garrett's Popcorn run! I have two shoots until I can put May 2009 to rest and get ready for June!

Here's an image from early May for you to enjoy. We're currently working on the slide show for this wedding.


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Anonymous said...

I believe you mean a Garrett's popcorn run. Have fun in the windy city. The weather is pretty decent. If you plan on being downtown it gets pretty crowded because of tourist around noon until after evening rush hour. We will be glad to have a world class photographer in Chi Town. Don't hurt yourself too much with the popcorn, it can be addicting.

Troy said...

EXQUISITE...! Safe travels, brotha...!