Jaymin + Tiffany | Roswell, GA

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You've been patient and I finally have more images edited.

I photographed the wedding of Jaymin and Tiffany last weekend at the Country Club of Roswell. Can you believe I was nervous? And it wasn't because of the rain.

I always find it an extra privilege to shoot any event for a friend. Since Jaymin and I went to college together and we are frat brothers I knew that the guest list would be full of people I hadn't seen since my early 20s. The engineering days...and the wild days. I closed my eyes to pray and then let my lens do all the talking for me. Brandi, Cliff, and I had a blast capturing every emotion including the "First Glance" between the bride and the groom.

For those of you not familiar with the "First Glance" I'll explain. For some of my non-traditional brides and grooms I offer a short session before the wedding to get their formals out of the way. This allows for us to forgo doing images after the ceremony and move quickly onto the reception. Also, both the bride and groom are looking their best since they have just finished dressing. After I arrange a meeting place for the couple, I leave my second photographer with the bride and then I take my time going to get the groom. The anticipation builds for both of them. Once together, the photos are amazing! Its like our own little secret as we usually do not tell anyone else from the wedding what we're up to!

Check out the pics below...


Ross Oscar Knight Photography Destination Wedding Photographers

I really loved this bouquet. The colors were just right.

Here's the groom checking to see if the rings would fit.

The bride before the "First Look."

The groom waitng for his groomsmen to finish preparing for formals. He was quite debonair.

The bride had a special moment to honor the memory of her late father. This was a coin of his that was made into a necklace.

I captured this image of Tiffany on her way to meet Jaymin.

The flower girl was so cute!

Tiffany surprised Jaymin before the wedding with a watch that he has wanted since Christmas.

The "First Glance." Her dress was beautiful!

Jaymin helped Tiffany to relieve stress with a massage before walking down the aisle.

Jaymin's grandparents decided to show the couple how to really dance!

Jaymin sang the Kappa sweetheart song with all of our frat brothers surrounding he and Tiffany. I couldn't help but sing along myself.

The party started after the cake cutting and the guests really danced into the night.

At the end of the night I took one last photo before taking my equipment to the car.



Anonymous said...

Ross, Brandi and Cliff - THANK YOU once again for sharing your gifts of photography, creativity and patience! Not only did we have a large wedding but an "A.D.D." wedding party (still love you guys). LOL We are still in Maui on our Honeymoon but we were glad to get these shots. We had a great time with you guys and can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. We'll see you soon!

Jay and Tiff

kgt said...

Hahaha, Ross you Rock this is absolutely fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Ross, that pic where Tiffany was coming down the stairs is amazing. It just made me fell in love with all the pics.Great job. Keep up the wonderful work.... Congats to the couple.Many blessings.

Natasha from NY

Holly said...

Ross, these photos are gorgeous. The imagery you create when you describe your photos makes the reader feel as if they were at the wedding. I was crying when I read about Tiffany's special moment to honor the memory of her late father. I could feel the happiness and anticipation from the “First Glance” especially from the shot of Tiffany walking down the staircase to meet Jaymin. That image is stunning. You do a wonderful job of pulling the reader into the event. You did and do connect with this reader. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Felecity said...

Ross, I just love your work. Jaymin and Tiffany are a very handsome couple. The bouquet is gorgeous, I think I may need to "borrow" that color scheme for something.....ha!


Mary (Adeeba) said...

very nice, I especially liked the one with the grandparents "gettin down"! So cute!

Anonymous said...

The shot of the bride going down the stairs is absolutely beautiful!! Her dress is fabulous!!

Love all of the pictures. You guys rock man!


Simi said...

These are absolutely gorgeous and so creative Ross. I love looking at the pictures you take. Thanks for sharing these ones with us.

Unknown said...

you don't it once a again...bought a tear to my eye!!! these are wonderful. such an inspiration not just with photography, but with life in general!

clo said...

Beautiful as always!

Sonia said...


Lady A said...

It's like time stood still in all of these pics. Very lovely! You deserve an award for the 25th picture, WOW! HI Brandi, hope all is well my dear!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Tiffany going to meet Jaymin was absolutely stunning!

Unknown said...

You guys ROK!

(JIN) Love, Loss & Lacquer said...

I can feel the love jumping out of these pictures - its magical!

Darcita said...

Another amazing shoot!!! You just keep getting more creative:)

Lisa M. McGainey said...

I love these!

Deewonda said...

Everyone's said it all! Beautiful and amazing work, Mr. Knight!