Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all of you. One year ago today, Brandi and I were at the Cape Coast in Africa preparing to shoot four weddings. We had only been married for nine months and new traditions for us had already begun.

This year I am so blessed to be spending the Holidays with my family and friends here in the U.S. I woke up early this morning around 6 AM and ended up browsing through old emails. I found an unexpected gift buried in an unread message sent to me back in October.

While I was in Chennai, India I visited the St. Thomas Church.

Before we entered the sanctuary we had to remove our shoes.

While everyone else explored the inside of the church, I decided to check out the perimeter and I found this stairwell.

I felt warmth from behind me. When I turned I noticed the light piercing through the front doors.

I decided to return outside.

That's when I met Pastor Pushparaj. Pastor Pushparaj is from the village of Toranagallu in the state of Karnataka.

He and several members of his congregation were visiting St. Thomas Church and approached me while I was photographing the building. We started a lively conversation about my trip to Chennai and about my father and grandfather (both ministers). That's when he told me all about his church in Karnataka.

I gave him my card and told him to contact me so that I could send him the photos of he and his wife. To my surprise, he did email me in October and I mistook the email for spam. I'm so happy that I read more closely. Here is part of that message:

Dear Brother in Christ,

Loving greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On 17th August 2009 I met with you at ST Thomas church in Chennai. We exchanged our happiness and addresses then you have taken our photos. Praised the Lord and we happy to say that we remember you in our regular prayers.

Thanking you,

Yours in Christ


This message really warmed my heart. Just to know that there are people I have met only once or I have never met at all that pray for my well-being. I want to take this moment to thank all of you for your prayers and encouragement. Some of you I have met in person and others I have exchanged emails. Yet, there are even more of you that I have never had any contact with at all. I thank God for you and wish you well on this day and in the New Year!!


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Khedra said...

This post warmed my heart. You and Brandi are the best! I came to your work shop last summer only knowing that I loved shooting. And I left knowing I didn't want to do anything else but shoot. Thank you for pouring passion out on to anyone that dares to be dream and dream big.

Have a Merry Christmas. And a "wow" new year:D

Khedra from Cali:)

E.Payne said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, from the Payne fam.

Be blessed.

1i_Studios said...

Merry Christmas, Ross and Brandi. These photos have touched me as well..thank you for sharing.


Mac said...

Blessed Christmas to you as well Ross. Can I say something even though we never met in person your personality ,your thought to encourage other and just posting your photos for others to see and me as well you know when some has every good intentions and yours have touched others all over the world .It has become a favourite past time of time to check your blog everyday to see what new blogs you have posted . I have gotten connected to you through your site, your blog and just exchanging emails as well . I am not surprised you have such a big support system , you have encouraged me a lot . Thanks to you Ross Knight you touched many. Your like extended family in my books .

R E U said...

May God continue to bless you and Brandi. These are wonderful pictures, continue to do what your bless to do.