Running to the Haiti Mission with a Mission by Ross Oscar Knight

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I totally feel like I am running a race. Right now I'm headed to Haiti as soon as I finish this Memphis wedding. So many of you helped me to get to my goal and I am grateful. I feel like you will be there with me. I've read so much but I know that I am still not prepared for what I will see and experience. I had to jump through several hoops to make this a reality. And thanks to God, I am fulfilling the vision. Keep me in your prayers and I'll blog about the trip when I return.


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Anonymous said...

give 'em your best.
be blessed.

: 0 )

Hope Green said...

Yes Sir. I know the struggle all too well as I prepare for my Africa Project.... you are in my thoughts and prayers... be safe... follow your spirit... can't wait for the aftermath!! Take care!

~~ Hope G.

Kim said...

"And thanks to God, I am fulfilling the vision."

This says it all.

martine c. said...

It's awesome that you're doing this. I have friends who have traveled back and forth to Haiti doing missions. My biggest advice to you is to be open minded, follow your guide, be receptive to the hospitality of the people (Haitians can offend easily, I know I am Haitian myself, lol) and bring lots of insect repellant. The mosquitos don't play :) I will keep you in Prayer, your work is pheonomenal. Be blessed in your travels!

michelle r said...

love the tshirt!