The Power Broker by Ross Oscar Knight

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cornell @ Midtown ATL

Cornell and I shot a few weeks ago in Midtown to start developing his portfolio. He is a mover and a shaker in the financial arena as well as a Morehouse Man. I decided to photograph him "street style" in the city. During the session we talked a lot about his future aspirations and I can honestly say that I was impressed. I really dig his style, how about you?

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Unknown said...

Nice Ross, love the details. .

Dana P said...

Amazing pictures! Excellent job capturing the adorable looks and smiles that I see when he doesn't know I'm watching.

Cornell said...

Ross, had a blast working w/ you on the shoot. You've truly got a gift. Congrats on all of your success and keep up the great work.

Simi said...

Wow nicely done Ross, I like how the photos show his personality!

Xiomara said...

These are great!!