A School (Escuela) and the Mission on the Island of Roatan Honduras by Ross Oscar Knight

Friday, September 30, 2011

The beauty of these children and the strength of their spirits is crystal clear.

This was notably one of my favorite moments during my mission trip with Roatan Alive. Why? A few of us from the group woke up early one morning to travel to a school. I was beckoned to put my camera down and join a skit. I played the role of "Adam." How cool is that?

Thank you to those (Donnie and Natalie Beamer, Tiffany Rolle, Urisa Reve Smith, Oscar Brandon, Oscar Matthews, Tiffanie Paige, Pamela Velez, Lesley Netter, Elisha Akram) who pledged financial support for my trip to Roatan through direct donations or purchase of my camera equipment. Here is an update on the progress we made as a group while in Honduras:

Movie Night: 70 adults and teens, 50 children
Couples Night: 36 couples
Pandy Town  Funfair: 175 children plus teens and many mothers
Women's  Conference: 250+ ladies
Teen Night: 600+
Men's Fry Hog Luncheon: 103 men
Teen Mania (1st year): 50 students daily
VBS  (day camp): 1255 children over 4 days
Other Ministries:  Visitations and presentations to the children at the children's home
                             Pastors' Leadership Seminar 
                             Computers donated to various groups
                             School supplies donated to each child that attended day camp and to the children of
                             Pandy Town

Check below to see additional photos from the trip!!

Ross Oscar Knight Photography - Destination Travel Cultural Awareness Photographers 



Marva said...

This seemed like such an AMAZING trip! I loved ALL 532 pictures! I know you love what you do....if I did what you do, I would love it too! Keep being a blessing to others!