Preparation for Precious Cargo

Monday, August 6, 2012

When I put our baby bed together it felt like the first time I had ever used a screwdriver. I was alone in the house and my hands were shaking. Obviously I was nervous. I broke out into a sweat a few times. I opted not to use a drill because I wanted to feel the security of each piece of wood as it connected the frame that will hold our baby. I normally find excitement in tossing instructions for appliances opting to experiment instead. Not with this bed. I even succumbed to watching the online video about features and common mistakes. At the end of the assembly, I used a towel around the screwdriver to torque every screw and then I double checked every connection. What more can I say, precious cargo is on the way.



Anonymous said...

Way to go, first assembly of many :)

KLOE YORK said...

Handled with care :)

Anonymous said...

I love the light colored furniture for your baby!!!! Congratulations.

Fri @ Nouveau said...

Such a wonderful thing being a parent. Welcome to the club, Ross. Get ready to be have your priorities undergo a major paradigm a great way! Congrats to you and Mrs. Knight!