Keeping Me Honest - 4th Quarter Check-up

Thursday, December 18, 2008

At the beginning of this year I did a post titled, "Still The Same Source of My Success." During my workshops this year I have continued to stress the importance of setting goals and actually achieving them. Without the stretch goals and business plan that I put together 5 years ago, my goal of leaving Corporate America to become a full-time photographer would have never been actualized.

So to keep me honest this year, I have kept up with some of my goals (quarterly) publicly as they have happened. Thanks for keeping honest this year!

Pray (Every Day!)
I'm getting Married! (Married!)
3 New Workshops (4 Done)
8 New Publications (9 Done)
3 New Radio Shows (2 Done)
5 New Articles (5 Done)
1 New Sponsorship (Done)
Website (Done)
10 New Countries (5 Done - 2 to go)
1 New Airline (Frontier - Done)
Start 1 New Book (Started)
1 New House? (Economy took a dive)
Breast Cancer Initiative (Done)
Run 1 Race (Does working out count?)

Shoot w/ 1 other Professional Photographer (2 Done)
Attend 1 Workshop (3 Done)
Re-pot my Plants (Done)
1 New Camera (Done + 4 Lenses)
Africa Trip (Next Week)

Some of you may be thinking that this entry is written to brag. Not completely. It's actually written to brag about where my blessings come from. Up ABOVE! I'm nothing without the vision and mission given to me every day and at every photo shoot by my spiritual guidance.I do not take lightly being able to wake up every day of my life with the realization that I am living my dream. That I have found my purpose in life. That I am doing exactly what I was made to do. And its not Photography. Its to give praise through my gifts and talents.
Feel free to share some of your goals and we will keep each other honest!




Jill said...

Ok Brutha, you know I gotta take your checklist idea. Will be posting my accomplishments/goals at Jill Revealed. No, no...not bragging, just thanking. As well as holding myself accountable. Keep being used and staying in the plan of God.

Pru said...

Impressive that you have far exceeded so much of what you set out to accomplish. Thanks for bragging. It's a good thing. It gives the rest of us motivation to "just do it." May God continue to richly bless you.

Anonymous said...



Natarsha said...

I love these quarterly check-ups. I am moving back to America on Friday and will post my responses/updates to the last check-up you did during the summer when I settle in

Kerline Docteur said...

Definitely a great and novel idea. It keeps you on task and it definitely is not bragging...its your reality check.

I was always taught that our lives are a gift from God, how we live it is our gift back. You are right: Nothing but blessings!

Happy Holidays!

haastaa said...

God bless you!!
Thanks for sharing.
Indeed the reason we are alive is to give Him praise with & in everything.

Chari said...

That's what's up! Keep up the good work!!